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Dr. Brinda Viswanathan

Dr. Brinda Viswanathan

Professor & Dean Research

Tel : (91) 044 - 22300304

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Ph.D., IGIDR, Mumbai, 1998,

P.G. Diploma in Development Policy, IGIDR, Mumbai, 1993

MSc. Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, 1992

BSc. Statistics, University of Lucknow, 1989


Curriculum Vitae

2020 onwards

Variations in Adult BMI among Indian Men: A Quantile Regression Analysis, Journal of Biosocial Sciences, pp.1-19, 2023, co-authored with Archana Agnihotri.

“Milk Consumption Pattern of Young Children: A Relook at the Indian Evidence” in S. Mahendra Dev, A. Ganesh-Kumar, Vijay Laxmi Pandey (Eds.) Achieving Zero Hunger in India Challenges and Policies, pages 141-169, Springer (Open Access),  2023. Co-authored with Divya Purohit.

“Does research performance explain the “leaky pipeline” in Indian academia? A study of agricultural and applied economics:, Agricultural EconomicsAgricultural Economics, July 2022, co-authored with Sangeeta Bansal and J V Meenakshi

“Conditional Convergence and Spatial Convergence across 103 Sub-state Indian Regions: Using Spatial Econometrics for Panel Data”, Indian Public Policy Review, 2022, 3(5): 49-86 co-authored with Vivek Jadhav

“Role of Social and Institutional Factors in Indian Women’s Labour Force Participation and Hours Worked”, Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, 26:2, 230-251, 2021, co-authored with Jaya Krishnakumar

 “Weather Variability, Agricultural Productivity, and Farmer Suicides in India, Climate Change Economics, 12:2, 2150005 (2021) co-authored with Sonal Barve and K.S. Kavi Kumar.

“Nutrient Intake of Rural Households That Participated in a Farming System for Nutrition Study in India”, Food and Nutrition Science, 12, 277-289, (2021), co-authored with D. J. Nithya, S. Raju, R. V. Bhavani, Akshaya Kumar Panda, Rupal D. Wagh

“Diversity in Services Sector Employment in India: Evidence from India Human Development Survey, 2011-12”, Chapter 8 in Shashanka Bhide, V.N. Balasubramanyam and K.L. Krishna (Eds.) Deciphering India's Services Sector Growth. 2020, Routledge.

    “Undernutrition, Agriculture and Public Provisioning: The Impact on Women and Children in India”, Routledge (UK), 2020, co-edited with Swarna Sadasivam Vepa

  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Econometric Methods
  • Applied Micro-Econometrics
  • Indian Economic Development
  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis

“Spatial Durbin Models of Regional Incomes in India: The Role of Public, Private and Human Capital in India, Working Paper no. 243/2023, Co-authored with Vivek Jadhav.

“Minimum Wages in the Presence of Wage and Non-Wage Sectors in India: An Exploratory Analysis of the Non-Farm Sector”, Working Paper no. 225/2022, Co-authored with Mohit Sharma

“Socio-Economic Factors and Conflicts in North-Eastern Region of India”, Working Paper no. 217/2022, Madras School of Economics. Co-authored with Nabeel Ashraf

“Gender Differences in Double Burden of Malnutrition in India: Quantile Regression Estimates”, Working Paper no. 208/2021, Madras School of Economics. Co-authored with Archana Agnihotri   

“Gender Parity in Higher Education Enrolment: Role of Family Networks”, Working Paper no. 207/2021, Madras School of Economics. Co-authored with Kavya Ravindranath

“Double Burden of Malnutrition in India: Decadal Changes among Adult Men and Women”, Working Paper no. 200/2020, Madras School of Economics. Co-authored with Archana Agnihotri.

“Household Choice of Financial Borrowing and Its Source: Multinomial Probit Model with Selection”, Working Paper no. 181/2019, Madras School of Economics. Co-authored with Kanika Rana