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Working Paper 209: Essay on Non-linear Pricing in E-commerce

Essay on Non-linear Pricing in E-commerce

 Dipankar Das and Vivek Sharadadevi Jadhav


The primary objective of the paper is to identify the pattern of non-linear pricing in the E-Commerce market and its usage. This paper also investigates whether the post-digitalization tying as a non-linear pricing strategy is an option or a compulsion, through formation of trust. Das and Jadhav (2021) take effort to understand the non-linear pricing in modern e-commerce. This work takes similar effort to analyse the usage of non-linear pricing by e-commerce firms. The researchers have used theoretical model using empirical evidence to find a new pattern of non-linear pricing strategy and its impact on e-commerce market behaviour.

Key words:   Non-linear Pricing, Trust, Antitrust Law, E-Commerce, Fuzzy preference

JEL Codes:    L11, L41, L81