Following are the list of Seminar conducted at MSE. You can filter list of Seminar by selecting a year from the list.

Disparities in Socio-Economic Outcomes: Some Positive Propositions and their Normative Implications
Prof. Peter J. LambertDepartment of Economics, University of Oregon, Oregon
When Banana Import Restrictions Lead to Exports: A Tale of Cyclones and Quarantine Policies
Prof. Paul FrijtersSchool of Economics, University of Queensland, Brisbane and Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University’s Research School of Social Sciences
The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Finding Reasons to Secure your Food, Health and Wellbeing
Dr. M. S. Suneetha, Visiting Researcher, Madras School of Economics & Adj Senior Research Fellow, UNU-IAS (Tokyo)
Human Capital, FTAs and Foreign Direct Investment Flows into ASEAN
Dr. Shandre M ThangaveluAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Economics, National University of Singapore
Agriculture Commodity Derivatives Trading
Mr. Pravin ChandrasekaranManaging Director at OpalCrest, UK
Multi-dimensional Human Development Measures: Trade-offs and Inequality
Prof. Jaya KrishnakumarProfessor of Econometrics,Department of Economics, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Corporate Governance in Family Firms: Evidence from Earnings Management in British Firms
Prof. Sumon BhaumikHead and Professor of Economics & Strategy GroupAston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham
Price Policy Impacts on Carbon Emissions in the Canadian Agriculture Sector
Dr. Varghese ManaloorAugustana FacultyUniversity of AlbertaCanada
The Long-Term Impacts of Teachers: An Illustrationof the Transformative Potential of “Big Data”,
Raj Chetty
Challenging Biodiversity Economics
David W. Martin