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Date Seminar NameSpeaker NameAttachments   
25-08-2023Status Inequality and Public Goods Dr. Sumit Mishra, Assistant Professor of Economics, IFMR GSB, Krea University
03-02-2023Role of Information & Enabling Access to Clean Water: Field Experimental Evidence from IndiaDr. Prarthna Agarwal Goel, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, GGS Indraprastha University, New Delhi
06-12-2022Potential implications of electric vehicles for emissions, energy imports, government revenues and employment: The case of IndiaDr. Deepak Rajagopal, Associate Professor, Institute of Environment and Sustainability, University of California, Los Angeles
25-11-2022Goal setting as a Performance Motivator: Examining the Effect of Loss AversionDr. Sudipta Roy, Professor of Finance, University of St. Francis, Illinois, USA
11-11-2022MSE Webinar "On the Political Economy of Felon Disenfranchisement"Dr. Arpita Ghosh, Department of Economics, University of Exeter Business School, UK
21-10-2022MSE Webinar: "The Productivity Puzzle and the Decline of Unions" Dr Aruni Mitra, Lecturer of Economics, Department of Economics, School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester
25-02-2022MSE Webinar: Multi-armed bandits: An introduction and practical applications
Dr. Ramasubramanian Sundararajan
Technology, price instruments and energy intensity: A study of firms in the manufacturing sector of the Indian economy

Prantik Bagchi, Doctoral Candidate Department of Humanities and Social Sciences (Economics) Indian Institute of Technology Madras
25-09-2021MSE Webinar: Opportunities in India’s Digital EcosystemMr. Siddharth Dabhade MD (India), MiQ
17-09-2021Mobile phone manufacturing in India: A study of few characteristicsDr. Chidambaran G Iyer, Center for Development Studies, Trivandrum
03-09-2021MSE Webinar: “Macroeconomics: Theories, Empirics and Experience “Dr. Alex M. Thomas, School of Arts and Sciences, Azim Premji University, Bangalore
27-08-2021MSE Webinar: “Effect of COVID-19 lockdown on the profitability of firms in India”,Dr. Ritika Jain, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum
09-04-2021Webinar on a year after COVID-19:
The case for a wage-led recovery in the indian economy
Prof. Jayan Jose Thomas,
Indian Institute of Technology
26-03-2021Webinar on what drives the efficiency in ride sharing markets?
evidence from Austin, Texas
Vinayak Iyer,
Department of Economics
Columbia University
06-11-2020Webinar on insiders stock pledging disclosures and credit ratingProf. Harminder Singh,
Department of Finance,
Deakin University, Australia
02-10-2020Webinar on modelling the twin-balance sheet characteristics Of India’s banking crisisDr. Wasim Ahmad,

25-09-2020Webinar on impact Of COVID-19 On agricultural markets:
Assessing the roles of commodity characteristics,
disease caseload and market reforms
Prof. J V Meenakshi,
Delhi School Of Economics
18-02-2020Validity of capability estimates obtained through structural equation modelling in a multidimensional setting
– an agent-based simulation exercise
Prof. Jaya Krishnakunar,
University of Geneva,
11-02-2020The impact of demonetization on domestic agricultural trade in IndiaDr. Sudha Narayanan,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR),
13-01-2020Ethnic-geographic continuum

Naveen Bharathi (IIM Bangalore),
Deepak Malghan (IIM Bangalore) &
Andaleeb Rahman (Cornell University)
06-01-2020Parents’ schooling & intergenerational human capital:
Evidence from India

Dr. Naveen Sunder,
Post-Doctoral Associate,
Harvard University
27-11-2019The seminar on challenges and risks in pursuing financial reforms across diverse countries

Dr. Subra Ramamurthy FCCA, FCIS (UK), Ph. D (USA)
04-11-2019Health insurance and infant mortality:
Evidence from India

Anaka Aiyar
01-10-2019Role of gold in the currency markets:
Return to fixed exchange rate after five decades

Dr. Sitharam Gurumurthi
03-09-2019Financial frictions, bank intermediation and transmission mechanism of monetary policy:
Evidence from indian economy

Dr. Shesadri Banerjee,
Madras Institute of Development Studies
21-08-2019Impact evaluation techniques
IFMR Business School
18-03-2019Climate change, demographic pressures and global sustainability
Alok Bhargava
University of Maryland
15-02-2019Stock transactions and financial Integration
in Australia
Rajarshi Mitra
16-08-2018Multinational firms, trade,
and the trade co-movement puzzle
(MSE silver jubilee year distinguished lecture)
Dr. Gautam Udupa,
Research Director,
Center for Advanced Financial Research and Learning
21-03-2018FDI: Cause and consequence
(MSE silver jubilee year distinguished lecture)
Prof. N. S. Siddharthan,
Member Secretary, and Hon. Director,
Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing
and Hon. Professor of Economics,
07-03-2018 Gains from trade: Can they be equitable?
(MSE silver jubilee year distinguished lecture)
Dr. Gopinath Munisamy,
Market And Trade Economics Division,
Economics Research Service,
United States Department Of Agriculture.
13-02-2018Skills as mediators in the relationship between education and work advantageDr. Jaya Krishnakumar,
Professor of Econometrics,
Geneva School of Economics and Management,
University of Geneva,
The spillover effects of child health insurance on non-beneficiaries within the household:
Evidence from vietnam

Dr. Anaka,
Cornell University.
22-11-2017Logical dynamics in large games

Prof. Ramanujam,
Institute Of Mathematical Sciences,
13-11-2017Health status determinants:
What’s the role of sanitation?
a comparative study Of Villages In The Nilgiris
And Jalpaiguri Districts

Prof. Shyama Ramani,
Professorial Fellow United Nations University
– MERIT In Maastricht
11-08-2017Potential global economic and environmental impact of the OPEC oil production freeze

Dr. Narayanan
McKinsey Global Institute Center for Economic Research
26-07-2017Christianity and infant health in India

Dr. Nidhiya Menon,
Associate Professor
Brandeis University
30-03-2017Data viz in a box Chris Arnold
Wells Fargo India
09-11-2016Seminar on battle of economic ideas
Ravi Saraogi,
26-04-2016Indian economy:
Some current trends
Dr. C. Rangarajan,
22-02-2016A framework to assess credit risk in group lending with an application to rural south India

Dr. Sangamitra Ramachander
19-02-2016Reserve price choices of sellers in laboratory first price Auctions:
The role of experience

Dr. P. Srikant
22-01-2016An approach to the crisis in the euro zone
Dr. S. Gurumurthi,
Aa Member of the Indian Administrative Service
01-10-2015An introduction to institutional economics

Dr. G Ananda Vadivelu,
Associate Fellow,
The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)
09-04-2015Can 2015 union budget be a game-changer without fiscal management system reforms?
Dr. Subra Ramamurthy,
Cognizant Foundation
22-12-2014Does foreign bank entry affect monetary policy effectiveness? Exploring the interest rate pass-through channel

Dr. Sasidaran Gopalan,
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow,
Institute for Emerging Market Studies (IEMS)
and Institute for Advanced Study (IAS),
the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
26-11-2014Economic growth and ecological sustainability in India

Dr. Pranab Mukhopadhyay
25-02-2014Disparities in socio-economic outcomes:
Some positive propositions and their normative implications
Prof. Peter J. Lambert,
Department of Economics,
University of Oregon,
24-02-2014When banana import restrictions lead to exports:
A tale of cyclones and quarantine policies
Prof. Paul Frijters,
School of Economics,
University of Queensland,
Brisbane and Adjunct Professor
at the Australian National University’s Research School of Social Sciences
04-11-2013The economics of biodiversity and ecosystems:
Finding reasons to secure your food, health and wellbeing
Dr. M. S. Suneetha,
Visiting Researcher,
Madras School of Economics &
Adj Senior Research Fellow,
UNU-IAS (Tokyo)
23-10-2013Human capital, FTAs and foreign direct investment flows into ASEAN
Dr. Shandre M Thangavelu
Associate Professor
Department of Economics,
National University of Singapore
04-10-2013Agriculture commodity derivatives trading
Mr. Pravin Chandrasekaran
Managing Director
OpalCrest, UK
22-08-2013Multi-dimensional human development measures:
trade-offs and inequality
Prof. Jaya Krishnakumar
Professor of Econometrics,
Department of Economics,
University of Geneva,
14-08-2013Corporate governance in family firms:
Evidence from earnings management in british firms
Prof. Sumon Bhaumik
Head and Professor of Economics & Strategy
Group Aston Business School,
Aston University,
19-02-2013Price policy impacts on carbon emissions in the canadian agriculture sectorDr. Varghese Manaloor Augustana
University of Alberta
13-12-2012The long-term impacts of teachers: An illustrationof the transformative potential of “big data”Raj Chetty
02-11-2012Challenging biodiversity economics
David W. Martin
26-09-2012Emmision trading scheme in the maritime industry
Anthony T H Chin
14-05-2012Foreign direct investment and institutional quality: some empirical evidenceDr. Meenakshi Rishi,
Associate Professor,
Albers School of Business and Economics
Seattle University
30-03-2012Global economy: Review and prospectsDr Y.V. Reddy
Former Governor
Reserve Bank of India
30-03-2012Targeting the hard-core poor
– an impact evaluation study
Amulya Champatiray
Policy Outreach Manager (IFMR) and
Vaishnavi Prathap
‐Research Associate(IFMR)
15-02-2012Efficient implementation of public health policiesV.K.Chetty,
University of Boston
20-01-2012International currency competition:
Are there alternatives to the US dollar?
Sasidaran Gopalan,
Doctoral Student,
School of Public Policy,
George Mason University,
13-01-2012Distribution implications of climate change on indian agriculture:
A quantile regression approach
Prof. Chandra Kiran B Krishnamurthy
Post-Doctoral Fellow,
Center for Environmental and Resource Economics,
Umea University.
25-11-2011Time series of functional data

Dr. Rituparna Sen,
Assistant Professor,
Indian Statistical Institute,
06-05-2011Financial transactions taxDr. Parthasarathi Shome,
Director & Chief Executive, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations(ICREIR),
New Delhi
12-02-2011Fiscal policy for economic recovery:
Exit strategy.
Prof.Sudipto Mundle
Should oil companies continue to feel threatened?
Dr. Sreekanth Venkataraman
05-01-2011Remittances and economic growth:
Empirical evidence from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka
E.A. Selvanathan and
Saroja Selvanathan
12-11-2010International trade and pollution abatement in indian textile sector
Dr.Badri Narayanan
28-09-2010The effect of early childhood development program attendance on future school enrollment and grade progression in rural north IndiaDr. Gautam Hazarika,
Associate Professor,
University of Texas
01-12-2009Where are the markets heading?
Evidence from interest rate-exchange rate linkage in India
Dr. Matthew Greenwood-Nimmo
University Business School Leeds,
27-11-2009Impact of environment of changing trade patternson poverty reductionProfessor Kaliappa Kalirajan
18-09-2009Impacts of tariff liberalization on indian auto industry:
A partial-general equilibrium analysis
Dr. Badri Narayan
20-08-2009Tax reforms in India:
transition to a goods and service tax
Dr. M. Govinda Rao,
National Institute of Public Finance and
Policy and Member,
Economic Advisory Council to Prime Minister.
11-04-2009Climate change and economic development in the 21st centuryR. K. Pachauri,
03-04-2009Human wellbeing and developmentProf. J. Allister McGregor,
Head of Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction Team
Institute of Development Studies,
University of Sussex,
Brighton, U.K
27-02-2009Unbundling property rights in IndiaProf. Atsushi Kato,
Associate Professor,
School of Business
Aoyama Gakuin University,
Tokyo, Japan
20-01-2009Money laundering and real estate bubblesProf. Aman Agarwal,
Indian Institute of Finance,
09-01-2009Learning and heterogeneity in GDP and inflation forecastsProf. Kajal Lahiri,
Dept. of Eco.
University at Albany,
NY 12222, United States
07-01-2009The Impacts of cash and in-kind transfers on consumption and labor supply:
Experimental Evidence from Rural Mexico
Dr. Emmanuel Skoufias,
The World Bank, USA;
(1) Mishel Unar,
(2) Teresa González-Cossío,
03-12-2008Current global economic crisisProf. James Barth
Scholar in Finance,
Auburn University,
21-11-2008Urbanization and gender shifts in India:
The changing landscape
Roopa Purushothaman,
Managing Director
- Future Capital Research ,
18-11-2008Does more information help to make better decisions?Dr. V. K. Chetty,
Professor of Family Medicine,
Boston University,
30-10-2008Current financial situation in the U.S.:
An interactive discussion with the students of MSE
Mr. Scott Woodard,
Economic Officer,
U.S. Consulate,
19-09-2008Financial inclusion and development:
A cross country analysis
Dr Mandira Sarma,
ICRIER(Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations),
New Delhi, India
08-09-2008Water `scarcity` on a blue planet:
Challenges to moving towards a capability perspective”
Dr. P.B. Anand,
Reader in Environmental Economics and Public Policy
Bradford Centre for International Development,
University of Bradford,
05-09-2008Capabilities and life satisfaction:
Who is happy with life?
Prof. Jaya Krishnakumar,
Department of Econometrics,
University of Geneva
01-08-2008Building sub-national credit marketsChristine Martell,
Associate Professor,
School of Public Affairs,
University of Colorado,
24-07-2008Gender politics in conflict situations
—A case of ireland
Linda Racioppi,
Professor of International Relations,
James Madison College
Michigan State University
11-07-2008Trade openness, poverty and inequalityArvind Panagariya,
Professor of Economics &
Jagdish Bhagwati
Professor of Indian Political Economy
Columbia University
03-04-2008A markov-switching model for indian stock price and volumeDr. Kausik Chaudhuri,
University of Leeds,
06-03-2008Is the chinese growth miracle built to last?Prof. Eswar S Prasad,
Tolani Senior Professor of Trade Policy,
Department of Applied Economics and Management,
Cornell University
29-02-2008Behavioural economics:
A peep into the future of economics
Dr. Sanjit Dhami,
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Economics
University of Leicester,
23-02-2008An engel curve approach to measuring povertyProf. T. Krishna Kumar,
Indian Institute of Management,
Retired Professor & Head,
Economic Analysis Unit
14-12-2007The sage-MSE endowment lecture, India`s dilemmas:
The political economy of policy-making in a globalized world
Prof. Kaushik Basu,
Center for Analytic Economics,
Department of Economics,
Cornell University,
New York
05-11-2007A pragmatic approach to capital account liberalization in IndiaProf. Eswar Prasad,
Department of Applied Economics and Management,
Cornell University
02-11-2007Strategic licensing, exports, FDI and host country welfareDr. Uday Bhanu Sinha,
Department of Economics,
Delhi School of Economics, University
of Delhi.
24-10-2007Coastal ecosystems and human wellbeing:
The case of Tamil Nadu coast
Prof. Paul P. Appasamy
Madras School of Economics
18-10-2007Estimation and testing in threshold co integrated systems using reduced rank regressionProf. Jaya Krishnakumar,
Professor & Director,
Department of Econometrics,
University of Geneva
12-10-2007Non-stationarity and unit roots tests
- an appraisal
Prof. K. Suresh Chandra
20-09-2007Competing on analyticsDr. David Fogarty,
Vice President,
GE Money Global Decision Sciences
14-09-2007International alliances and the performance of Indian software firmsProf. N.S.Sidharthan,
Madras School of Economics.
11-09-2007Performance of banks: a new method and its evaluationDr. Kausik Chaudhuri,
Associate Professor,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research,
31-08-2007Climate change and indian agriculture:
Impact, vulnerability and adaptation assessment
Prof. K. S. Kavi Kumar,
Madras School of Economics
22-08-2007Major Issues relating to goods and service taxProf. Raja J. Chelliah,
Chairman Emeritus,
Madras School of Economics
08-08-2007Social cost benefit analysis of indian space programmeProf. U. Sankar,
Honorary Professor,
Madras School of Economics
30-07-2007A comparative analysis of recent export performances of China and IndiaDr. K. Kaliarajan,
GRIPS-FASID Joint Graduate Program
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies,
20-07-2007Trade costs, productivity and the spatial distribution of economic activityProf. M. Gopinath,
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics,
Oregon State University,
03-05-2007Trapped in the comfort zone of denial: Fifty years of expenditure management in IndiaShri A. Premchand,
Retired Head of Public Expenditure Management Division,
International Monetary Department
05-02-2007Statistics: A gateway to knowledgeProf. C.R.Rao, Eberley
Professor Emeritus of Statistics,
Director Center for Multivariate Analysis,
The Pennsylvania State University,
12-01-2007Putting the land back into economicsDr. Stephen Roulac,
Founder and CEO,
Roulac Global laces,
Formerly President,
American Real Estate Society
08-01-2007Diaspora and developmentV. Balasubramanyam
Professor of Development Economics,
Department of Economics,
Lancaster University,
04-01-2007Current conjunctures of the indian economyDr. Ashok Lahiri,
Chief Economic Advisor Ministry of Finance,
Government of India
20-12-2006Contributions of governance and economic growth to the human development :
Case studies of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
Mr. Devin Joshi,
University of Washington
07-12-2006A unified view of optimal stopping paper co-authored with Graham A. Davis of Colorado School of Mines, USA)Prof. Robert Cairns,
Department of Economics,
McGill University,
02-11-2006Experimental economics:
An overview and some methodological issues
Mr.V. Ragupathy,
Madras School of Economics
01-09-2006Analysis of the economy of Sri-Lanka in the keynes-leontief-klein frameworkProf. Debesh Chakraborty
Jadavpur University,
18-08-2006Foreign direct investment in India and ChinaDr. V.N.Balasubramanyam,
Professor of Development Economics
Department of Economics
Lancaster University Management School
United Kingdom
29-06-2006Measuring the distribution of human developmentProf. James Foster,
Department of Economics,
Vanderbilt University
27-06-2006Economic growth in South Asia:
Promising, un-equalizing, … sustainable?
Dr. Shantayanan Devarajan,
Chief Economist,
South Asia Region,
World Bank
09-05-2006Energy tax and house construction options in IndiaDr.PiyushTiwari,
Senior Lecturer (Property),
University of Aberdeen Business School
02-05-2006Impact of Thailand`s trade with OECD on environmentDr. Kakali Mukhopadhyay
24-03-2006Database on Indian economyMr. Anujit Mitra &
Mr. Dibyendu Bhaumik,
Assistant Advisers,
Reserve Bank of India,
14-03-2006Bubbles and `Information transmission` in a small worldMs. Pallavi Baral,
PhD student,
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research,
17-02-2006A macroeconomic century: From wicksell and fisher to lucas and prescottDr. K. Velupillai,
Senior Visiting Professor,
MSE, Chennai &
John E.Cairnes
Professor of Economics,
Department of Economics,
National University of Ireland,
Galway, Ireland
03-02-2006Group affiliation and the performance of IPOs in the indian stock marketDr. Marti G. SubrahmanyamCharles E Merrill Professor of Finance and Economics, Stern School of Business, New York University
03-01-2006The unreasonable ineffectiveness of mathematics in economicsDr. K. Velupillai,
Senior Visiting Professor, MSE, Chennai &
John E.Cairnes Professor of Economics
Department of Economics
National University of Ireland, Galway
Galway, Ireland
18-01-2006India’s pattern of development:
What happened?, What follows?
Dr. Arvind Subramanian,
Division Chief,
Research Department,
International Monetary Fund,
Washington D.C.
10-01-2006Public preferences for planning conditionsDr. Kenneth Willis,
CREAM & Professor of Environmental Economics,
Editor: Journal of Environmental Planning & Management,
School of Architecture and Planning
University of Newcastle
09-01-2006WTO and trade issuesDr. Abdul Quader Shaikh,
Senior International Ecoonomist,
U. S. Department of Commerce
23-12-2005Taxes, health insurance and women`s self employmentDr. Malathi Velamuri,
School of Economics & Finance,
Victoria University of Wellington,
New Zealand
14-12-2005Learning about oneself:
Technology financing in a tamil fishing village
Prof. Stefan Klonner,
Assistant Professor of Economics,
Cornell University
20-11-2005Challenges of Australian water reform
– lessons for indian water resource management
Prof. Lin Crase, Faculty of Law and Management,
Law Trobe University,
20-10-2005Montecarlo simulation with Microsoft ExcelDr. Humberto Baretto,
Department of Economics,
WABASH College, Crawfordsville,
IN 47933
17-10-2005A theory of consumer boycotts under symmetric information and imperfect competitionProf. Robert Innes,
Department of Economics and
Agricultural and Resource Economics,
University of Arizona
09-09-2005Approach and recommendations of the twelfth finance commissionDr. D. K. Srivastava,
Director, MSE
08-07-2005Learning from history and predicting the futureDr. V.K. Chetty,
Professor of Family Medicine Boston University,
08-07-2005Social insurance in developing economiesDr. Raj Chetty,
Assistant Professor of Economics
University of California at Berkeley and
08-02-2005The impact of the non-farm sector on poverty reduction and gender disparities in India: 1983-99Dr. Bharat Ramaswamy,
ISI, New Delhi &
Dr. Wilima Wadhwa,
India Development Foundation,
New Delhi
23-12-2004Rich vs. poor: consumption of food, tobacco, alcohol and soft drinks
– an econometric analysis
Dr. E. A. Selvanathan &
Dr. Saroja Selvanathan
School of International Business,
Griffith University,
Queen’s Land, Australia
06-08-2004Macroeconomic crises:
A review of theory and evidence and an application to India
Dr. Albert Jodhimani,
Additional Director of Income Tax,
20-07-2004Social identity and group lendingDr. Sudipta Sarangi,
Assistant Professor of Economics,
Louisiana State University (U.S)
18-03-2004Development as a human rightDr. Arjun K. Sengupta,
Centre for Development and Human Rights,
New Delhi;
Adjunct Professor of Development and Human Rights,
Harvard School of Public Health; and Harvard Independent Expert on the Right to Development,
Human Rights Commission, Geneva
11-03-2004Ideal banking and monetary system complete laisserfaireDr. Parth J Shah,
Centre for Civil Society,
17-11-2003Financial sector reforms in emerging market economiesDr. Edwin Truman,
Senior Fellow,
Institute for Internation Economics,
05-05-2003Tax reformsDr. Vijay Kelkar,
Fiscal Adviser Ministry of Finance,
Government of India
26-02-2003Learning and self-enforcing international environmental agreementsProf. Charles Kolstad,
MIT, USA and
Bern School of Environmental Science & Management,
13-02-2003Environment, poverty and developmentProf. Charles Perrings,
University of York, U.K.
20-01-2003Modelling the commodity prices in the OECD countries:
A stochastic approach
Prof. E.A. Selvanathan,
School of International Business and
Asian Studies,
Griffith Un
02-01-2003Econometric models for diagnosis and treatment of diabetesDr. V.K. Chetty,
Department of Family Medicine Boston Medical Centre,
27-12-2002The state of the indian economy in the new millenniumDr. Manorajan Dutta
IGIDR, Mumbai
17-12-2002A critical path approach to development planningDr. M.C. Madhavan,
Department of Economics,
San Diego State University,
15-12-2002Globalization competitiveness and third world enterprisesDr. Michael W. Hansen
Assistant Professor,
Copenhagen Business School,
18-11-2002Regional and global integration:
New challenges
Dr. Ellen Frost,
Visiting Fellow,
Institute for International Economics
25-10-2002Chilka: – The dreamland of orissa – socio- economic, legal and environmental Prof. G.S. Dhas
Emeritus Professor,
Utkal University
Fact Finding Committee - C
05-07-2002The future challenges for the South Asian rural economyDr. Suresh Babu,
Senior Research Fellow and
Senior Training Advisor,
26-06-2002Socio-economic perspective of the security diagrams:
The concept and methodology
Dr. Lilibeth Acosta-Michlik,
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK),
18-01-2002Sovereign debt and economic reforms in IndiaProf. R. Pradhan,
Delhi School of Economics,
11-01-2002Globalization and economic growth:
An empirical investigation
Dr. Rukmani Gounder,
Senior Lecturer in Economics,
Massey University,
New Zealand
10-01-2002Empirical regularities in indian consumption patternDr. E. A. Selvanathan &
Dr. Saroja Selvanathan,
School of International Business,
28-09-2001Some reflections on China progressDr. S. Ramamurthy,
Fiscal Affairs Consultant,
17-09-2001Why should we expect an environmental kuznets curve?Prof. John Braden,
Environmental Council,
University of Illinois,
11-09-2001Global competitive strategies appropriate for indian businessesDr. Raghavan Parthasarathy,
Professor of Strategy &
Technology and
Dr. Carl Ullman
10-09-2001Teaching of environmental economicsProf. Charles Perrings,
University of York,
10-09-2001The economics of biological invasionsProf. Charles Perrings,
University of York,
16-08-2001Ranking investment projectsProf. James E. Foster,
Department of Economics,
Vanderbilt University,
06-08-2001Sustainable development framework for developing countriesDr. Thangavel Palanivel,
Institute of Advanced Studies
26-07-2001Is economic growth good for the poor?Prof. James E. Foster
02-04-2001Analysis of the union budget 2001-2002Dr. Raja J. Chelliah,
Madras School of Economics,
15-03-2001Optimal investment in clean production capacityDr. Michael A. Toman,
Senior Fellow and Director,
Energy and Natural Resources Division
14-03-2001Economic resources on the webDr. Janardhanan Alse, Associate Professor of Economics and Director, Centre for Economics
21-02-2001Violence against women:
A development perspective
Dr. Nata Duvvury,
International Center for Research on Women,
19-02-2001Public choice:
past and present
Prof. Albert Breton,
Professor of Economics,
University of Toronto,
05-02-2001Auctions and price formation in a basmati (Rice) market in HaryanaDr. J.V. Meenkashi,
Delhi School of Economics,
08-01-2001Central banking yesterday, today and tomorrowDr. A. Vasudevan,
Honorary Adviser,
Reserve Bank of India,
02-01-2001IPCC findings on climate changeDr. N. Sundararaman,
Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change,
12-12-2000Non-linearity in growth and inflation:
detecting the threshold level
Mr. Amaresh Samantaraya,
Research Officer,
30-08-2000Urban environment and issues of co-operationMr. P.B. Anand,
University of Bradford,
24-08-2000Non-cooperative games with applicationsProf. T.E.S. Raghavan,
University of Illinois,
23-08-2000Cooperative game theoryProf. T.E.S. Raghavan,
University of Illinois,
08-08-2000WTO and the developing countries interestsProf. Arvind Panagariya,
University of Maryland,
23-06-2000Malaise of the indian financial system :
The need for reforms
Mr. S.S. Tarapore,
Former Deputy Governor,
Reserve Bank of India
28-04-2000Valuation of community labourDr. Gopal Kadekodi,
Research Professor, Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Development Research
28-04-2000Instrumental rationality, land Tenure and conflict resolutionDr. Anantha Duraiappah
22-03-2000Socio-economic determinants of diseases transmission in CambodiaDr. Ramanan Laxminarayan
Resources for the Future
Washington D.C.,
22-03-2000First and second best strategies for inducing conservationDr. David Simpson
06-02-2000Synchronizing technology with weather to achieve sustainability in rain fed agriDr. Swarna Sadasivam Vepa
30-01-2000Bayesian forecasting techniques(3 lectures)Dr. M.Surekha Rao,
Economic Analysis Unit,
Indian Statistical Institute,
07-01-2000Production and distribution of blood sugarDr. V.K. Chetty,
Research Professor,
Medical College of Wisconsin,
06-01-2000Bayesian and non-bayesian approaches to scientific modeling and inference in ecoProf. Arnold Zellner H.G.B. Alexander,
Distinguished Service Professor of Economics
04-01-2000India and WTODr. Arvind Subramanian, IMF
15-11-1999Net national product and social well beingDr. Karl Goran Maler
Stockholm School of Economics and
Director of Beijer I
23-08-1999Evolving economic links with in indian ocean rim- association for regional cooperDr. K.P. Kalirajan, Department of Economics, Australian National University,Canberra
20-08-1999Quantitative techniques in development economics a reviewDr. K.P. Kalirajan,
Department of Economics,
Australian National University,
15-07-1999Innovativeness and persistence in innovation :
A study of UK software firms
Dr. Suma S. Athreye,
Lecturer in International Economics,
Manchester School of Management
30-04-1999Comparative development experiencesDr. Robert Silberstin
05-04-1999Some issues in legal reformsDr. Bibek Debroy,
Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies,
New Delhi
26-02-1999Economic analysis of diverse living systemsDr. R. David Simpson,
Resources for the Future,
Washington DC,
25-02--1999The environmental regulation of heterogeneous firmsDr. R. David Simpson,
Resources for the Future,
Washington DC,
11-02-1999Expenditure management and deficit reductionShri A. Premchand,
Former Senior Adviser,
Fiscal Affairs Department,
International Mone
04-02-1999State of the indian economy:
What needs to be done
Dr. Manmohan Singh
03-02-1999Technological change in indian developmentDr. George Rosen
Professor of Economics Emeritus,
The University of Illinois at Chicago
07-12-1998East Asian economic crisis: lessons for IndiaShri M. R. Sivaraman,
Executive Director,
12-11-1998Monetary policy of reserve bank of IndiaDr. A. Vasudevan,
Executive Director
Reserve Bank of India
22-09-1998Macroeconometric model: Specification and estimation at ACIAR project review meetDr. K.P. Kalirajan and Dr. R.T. Shand, Australian National University Australia
20-07-1998Landlord labour relations: permanent labour contractDr. Rajaram Krishnan,
Boston University
15-07-1998Public sector capacity to manage agricultureMr. Bruce OMeagher,
Commonwealth Department of Primary Industries and Energy,
10-07-1998The current state of indian economyProf. G.S. Bhalla,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,
New Delhi
16-03-1998Current issues in monetary policyDr. A. Vasudevan,
Executive Director, Reserve Bank of India,
06-03-1998Why an environmental kuznets curve may not exist?Dr. Gopal Kadekodi,
Institute of Economic Growth,
New Delhi
20-02-1998Tariff commission: Tasks aheadDr. Vijay Kelkar,
Tariff Commission,
New Delhi
12-02-1998Financial markets in IndiaDr T.P. Madhusoodanan,
06-02-1998On measuring literacyDr. K. Kausik Basu,
Cornell University
05-02-1998Economics of child labourDr. K. Kausik Basu,
Cornell University
28-01-1998Poverty in India since 1950Dr. Clive Bell,
University of Heidelberg
27-01-1998Financial intermediation and growthDr. Clive Bell,
University of Heidelberg
07-01-1998Computable economicsDr. Velupillai,
University of Belfast
06-01-1998Macroeconomics from wicksell to lucasDr. Velupillai,
University of Belfast
16-12-1997Rich country and poor country developing economics: Analyzing and reconcilingDr. Subbiah Kannappan,
Michigan State University
4-05-1997World economic outlookMr. Fleming Larsen,
IMFs Research
23-04-1997Economics of common property resources Mr. Paul Falone,
IMFs External Relations
22-04-1997Economics of forest conservation and sustainable useDr. A. Damodaran,
Indian Institute of Plantation Management
21-04-1997Economics of clean technologyDr. A. Damodaran,
Indian Institute of Plantation Management
11-04-1997Global environmental issues