Following are the list of Seminar conducted at MSE. You can filter list of Seminar by selecting a year from the list.

Statistics: A Gateway to Knowledge
Prof. C.R.Rao, Eberley Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Director Center for Multivariate Analysis, The Pennsylvania State University, USA.
Putting the Land back into Economics
Dr. Stephen Roulac, Founder and CEO, Roulac Global laces, Formerly President, American Real Estate Society
Diaspora and Development
V. Balasubramanyam Professor of Development Economics, Department of Economics, Lancaster University, Lancaster
Current Conjunctures of the Indian Economy
Dr. Ashok Lahiri, Chief Economic Advisor Ministry of Finance, Government of India
Contributions of Governance and Economic Growth to the Human Development : Case Studies of Tamil Nadu and Gujarat
Mr. Devin Joshi, University of Washington
A Unified View of Optimal Stopping (Paper co-authored with Graham A. Davis of Colorado School of Mines, USA)
Prof. Robert Cairns, Department of Economics, McGill University, Canada.
Experimental Economics: An Overview and Some Methodological Issues
Mr.V. Ragupathy, Madras School of Economics
Analysis of the Economy of Sri-Lanka in the Keynes-Leontief-Klein Framework
Prof. Debesh Chakraborty Jadavpur University, Calcutta
Foreign Direct Investment in India and China
Dr. V.N.Balasubramanyam, Professor of Development Economics Department of Economics Lancaster University Management School United Kingdom
Measuring the distribution of Human Development
Prof. James Foster, Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University