Following are the list of Seminar conducted at MSE. You can filter list of Seminar by selecting a year from the list.

Webinar on A Year after COVID-19: The Case for a Wage-led Recovery in the Indian Economy
Prof. Jayan Jose Thomas, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Webinar on What Drives the Efficiency in Ridesharing Markets? Evidence from Austin, Texas
Vinayak Iyer, Department of Economics Columbia University
Webinar on Insiders stock pledging disclosures and credit rating
Prof. Harminder Singh, Department of Finance, Deakin University, Australia
Webinar On Modelling The Twin-Balance Sheet Characteristics Of India’s Banking Crisis
Dr. Wasim Ahmad,
Webinar On Impact Of COVID-19 On Agricultural Markets: Assessing The Roles Of Commodity Characteristics, Disease Caseload And Market Reforms
Prof. J V Meenakshi, Delhi School Of Economics
Validity of capability estimates obtained through structural equation modelling in a multidimensional setting – an agent-based simulation exercise
Prof. Jaya Krishnakunar, University of Geneva, Switzerland
The Impact of Demonetization on Domestic Agricultural Trade in India
Dr. Sudha Narayanan, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR), Mumbai.
Ethnic-geographic continuum
Naveen Bharathi (IIM Bangalore), Deepak Malghan (IIM Bangalore) & Andaleeb Rahman (Cornell University)
Parents’ Schooling & Intergenerational Human Capital: Evidence from India
Dr. Naveen Sunder, Post-Doctoral Associate, Harvard University
the seminar on Challenges and Risks in pursuing financial reforms across diverse countries
Dr. Subra Ramamurthy FCCA, FCIS (UK), Ph. D (USA)