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Resources – Monthly Additions

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E- Journals 

(1)Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation.
(2)Asian Journal of Management Cases.
(3)Business perspective and Research.
(4)Emerging Economy Studies.
(5)Foreign Trade Review.
(6)Global Business Review.
(7)Global Journal of Emerging Market Economies.
(8)IIM Kozhikode Society and Management Review.
(9)Indian Journal of Corporate Governance.
(10)Indian Journal of Human Development.
(11)International Journal of Rural Management.
(12)Jindal Journal of Business Research.
(13)Journal of Emerging Market Finance.
(14)Journal of Health Management.
(15)Journal of Inter Disciplinary Economics.
(16)Journal of South Asian Development.
(17)Management and Labour Studies.
(18)Margin-Journal of Applied Economic Research.
(19)Metamorphosis A journal of Management Research.
(20)South Asia Economic Journal.
(21)South Asian Journal of Business and Management cases.
(22)South Asian Journal of Macro Economics and Public Finance.
(23)Vikalpa Journal.

Databases Subscribed
The institution subscribes to several databases for use by faculty and students. The datasets are managed by Database Management Group (MSE-DBMG) and Systems Staff for up-to-date information and effective use.

MSE-DBMG is an in-house attempt to provide online secondary data support to the students, researchers and faculties. It is our belief that it would turn out as a unique platform for the in-house users to share their individual information with the MSE community. Keeping in mind the diverse nature of issues in economic research, attempt has been made to cover almost all the issues/sectors. The information provided through the common platform, goes through close scrutiny of the respective committee (for its ingenuity, source specification and legality issues attached with the sharing) before it is uploaded in the common server. Initially it has started with the in-house availability of secondary data, however we are in the process to procure and disseminate more need based data. On hopes that in future, this endeavor will turn out to be a meaningful instrument to get cutting edge information for research and teaching in economics

The following Databases (offline) are available at MSE:

  • EPW Annual Survey of India (ASI) 1973-74 to 1997-98
  • EPW National Account Statistics (NAS) 1950-51 to 2002-03
  • EPW Domestic Product of States of India 1960-61 to 2006-07
  • Census Data Circon India Datasets
  • International Monetory Fund Data
  • National Sample Survey (NSS) unit record data
  • National Account Statistics – State Domestic Product
  • National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – Part 3

Online Databases

Will be updated Soon

Will be updated Soon