MSE Working Papers

WP-106 - Parent’s Choice Function for Ward’s School Continuation in Rural India: A Case Study in West Bengal
- by Debdulal Thakur and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-105 - Biofuel Feedstock Cultivation in India: Implications for Food Security and Rural Livelihoods
- by K.S. Kavi Kumar, R.S. Soundar Rajan and R. Manivasagan
WP-104 - Can Univariate Time Series Models of Inflation Help Discriminate Between Alternative Sources of Inflation Persistence
- by Naveen Srinivasan and Pankaj Kumar
WP-103 - Capital Controls, Exchange Market Intervention And International Reserve Accumulation In India
- by Naveen Srinivasan, Vidya Mahambare and M. Ramachandran
WP-102 - Stress Test of Banks in India Across Ownerships : A VAR Approach
- by Sreejata Banerjee and Divya Murali
WP-101 - To Consume or to Conserve: Examining Water Conservation Model for Wheat Cultivation in India
- by Zareena Begum Irfan and Bina Gupta
WP-100 - An Inter-Country Analysis on Growth of Non-Bank Financial Intermediaries
- by K.R. Shanmugam
WP-99 - Inflation Forecasting and the Distribution of Price Changes
- by Sartaj Rasool Rather,Sunil Paul and S. Raja Sethu Durai
WP-98 - Technology Import, R&D Spillover And Export: A Study Of Automobile Sector In India
- by Santosh K. Sahu and K. Narayanan
WP-97 - Entrepreneurial Choice of Investment Capital for House-Based Industries: A case study in West Bengal
- by Shrabani Mukherjee