MSE Working Papers

WP-136 - Determinants of Child Health: An Empirical Analysis
- by Sowmya Dhanaraj
WP-135 - Does Corporate Governance Matter in Determinants and Use of Cash: Evidence from India
- by Saumitra Bhaduri and Ekta Selarka
WP-134 - Inflation and the Dispersion of Relative Prices: A Case For Four Percent Solution
- by Sartaj Rasool Rather, S Raja Sethu Durai and M Ramachandran
WP-133 - Female Headed Households and Poverty: Analysis Using Household Level Data
- by Priyanka Julka and Sukanya Das
WP-132 - Is Financial Inclusion Cause or Outcome? A State-Wise Assessment in India
- by Shrabani Mukherjee and Subhadri Sankar Mallik
WP-131 - Impact of Agricultural Related Technology Adoption on Poverty: A Study of Select Households in Rural India
- by Santosh K. Sahu and Sukanya Das
WP-130 - Women On Board and Performance of Family Firms: Evidence From India
- by Jayati Sarkar and Ekta Selarka
WP-129 - Related Party Transactions And Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence From India
- by Ekta Selarka and Subhra Choudhury
WP-128 - Analyzing the Aid Effectiveness on the Living Standard: A Check-Up on South East Asian Countries
- by Zareena B. Irfan, Arpita Nehra and Mohana Mondal
WP-127 - The Culmination of the MDG’s: A New Arena of the Sustainable Development Goals
- by Zareena B. Irfan, Arpita Nehra and Mohana Mondal