MSE Working Papers

WP-142 - Game Theoretical Approach to Regulate The Public-Owned River Water Utilities: A Case Study Of Cauvery River
- by Zareena Begum Irfan and Jeeva Mary Jacob
WP-141 - Does Carbon Tax Makes Sense? Assessing Global Scenario and Addressing Indian Perspective
- by Mohana Mondal, Zareena Begum Irfan and Sunder Ramaswamy
WP-140 - Economic Incentives for the Conservation of Bharathapuzha River: Focus on Sand Mining Lakshmi Sreedhar and Zareena Begum Irfan
- by Lakshmi Sreedhar and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-139 - Covariate and Idiosyncratic Shocks and Coping Strategies for Poor and Non-Poor Rural Households in India
- by Kailash Chandra Pradhan and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-138 - Kerosene Consumption in India: Welfare and Environmental Issues
- by K.S. Kavi Kumar & Brinda Viswanathan
WP-137 - Consumer’s Acceptance Towards Genetically Modified Crops and Growth of the Economy: A Theoretical Approach
- by Amrita Chatterjee and Arpita Ghose
WP-136 - Determinants of Child Health: An Empirical Analysis
- by Sowmya Dhanaraj
WP-135 - Does Corporate Governance Matter in Determinants and Use of Cash: Evidence from India
- by Saumitra Bhaduri and Ekta Selarka
WP-134 - Inflation and the Dispersion of Relative Prices: A Case For Four Percent Solution
- by Sartaj Rasool Rather, S Raja Sethu Durai and M Ramachandran
WP-133 - Female Headed Households and Poverty: Analysis Using Household Level Data
- by Priyanka Julka and Sukanya Das