MSE Working Papers

WP-190 - Impact of Trade with ASEAN on India’s Employment in Industrial Sector
- by Devasmita Jena and Swati Saini
WP-189 - The Role of Feminist Political Ecology (FPE) Framework in Studying How Gender and Natural Resources are Interlinked: The Case of Women in the Aftermath of Bangladesh’s Arsenic Contamination
- by Chinmayi Srikanth and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-188 - Are Human Rights and Economic Well-Being Substitutes? The Evidence from the Migration Patterns in Bangladesh and Myanmar
- by Ankan Ghosh and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-187 - Political Cycles in MGNREGs Implementation
- by K. Vinay and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-186 - Can Women Empowerment Help to Reduce Open Defecation in India: Evidence from NFHS 4
- by Amrita Chatterjee and Shriya Agarwal
WP-185 - Weather Shocks, Agricultural Productivity and Farmer Suicides in India
- by Sonal Barve, K.S. Kavi Kumar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-184 - Fiscal Transfers, Natural Calamities and Partisan Politics – Evidence from India
- by Anubhab Pattanayak and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-183 - Assessment of Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation: A Methodological Review and Application to Indian Agriculture
- by Anubhab Pattanayak and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-182 - Climate Risk and Rural India: Research and Policy Issues
- by K.S. Kavi Kumar, Anubhab Pattanayak, Brinda Viswanathan, and Ashish Chaturvedi
WP-181 - Household Choice of Financial Borrowing and Its Source: Multinomial Probit Model with Selection
- by Kanika Rana and Brinda Viswanathan