MSE Working Papers

WP-200 - Double Burden of Malnutrition in India: Decadal Changes among Adult Men and Women
- by Brinda Viswanathan and Archana Agnihotri
WP-199 - From Income to Household Welfare: Lessons from Refrigerator Ownership in India
- by Sowmya Dhanaraj, Vidya Mahambare and Poonam Munjal
WP-198 - Inventory Cycles and Business Cycles – Has the relationship lost its importance over the years: A Time-Varying Parameter Approach using U.S. Data
- by Parijat Maitra and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-197 - The Oil Story: Is it Still the Same?
- by Swati Singh and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-196 - Inflation Targeting in the United Kingdom: Is there evidence for Asymmetric Preferences?
- by Pranjal Rawat and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-195 - Information Theoretic Ranking of Extreme Value Returns
- by Parthajit Kayal, Sumanjay Dutta, Vipul Khandelwal and Rakesh Nigam
WP-194 - Constant Gain Learning Framework to understand the behaviour of US Inflation and Unemployment in the 2nd half of 20th century
- by M. Venkata Raamasrinivas and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-193 - Institutional Design and Credibility
- by Jyotsana Kala and Naveen Srinivas
WP-192 - If Monetary Aggregates, then Divisia
- by Naveen Srinivasan and Parush Arora
WP-191 - The Unnatural Rate of Unemployment: Reflections on the Barro-Gordon and Natural Rate Paradigms
- by Abhiruchi Rathi and Naveen Srinivasan