MSE Working Papers

WP-35 - Innovation in India and China: Challenges and Prospects in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology
- by Jayan Jose Thomas
WP-34 - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Avoid Cannibalization: Analysis Through Spend Intensity Model
- by Saumitra N Bhaduri, Avanti George and David J Fogarty
WP-33 - Ownership and Performance of the Indian Banking Industry
- by Saumitra N Bhaduri and K.R.Shanmugam
WP-32 - Enabling Incremental Gains through Customized Price Optimization
- by Saumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V, Avanti George and David J Fogarty
WP-31 - Reforming India’s Fiscal Transfer System: Resolving Vertical and Horizontal Imbalances
- by C. Rangarajan and D. K. Srivastava
WP-30 - Mitigating Sample Selection Bias Through Customer Relationship Management
- by Saumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V and David J Fogarty
WP-29 - Strategic Retail Marketing Through DGP Based Models
- by Saumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V, S Raja Sethu Durai and David J Fogarty
WP-28 - Global Public Goods.
- by U. Sankar
WP-27 - Unit Root Tests for Time Series in the Presence of an Explosive Root
- by K. Suresh Chandra and J.V. Janhavi
WP-26 - Sources of Output Growth in Indian Agriculture during the Post-Reform Period
- by K.R. Shanmugam and Vidhya Soundararajan (February 2008)