MSE Working Papers

WP-76 - Science and Economics for Sustainable Development of India
- by U.Sankar
WP-75 - Addressing Long-term Challenges to Food Security and Rural Livelihoods in South Asia
- by K.S. Kavi Kumar, Kamal Karunagoda, Enamul Haque, L. Venkatachelam and Girish Nath Bahal
WP-74 - Health Policy, Inequity and Convergence in India
- by Brijesh C. Purohit
WP-73 - Assessing Farmer’s Willingness to Participate in the On-farm Conservation of Minor Millet using Direct Compensation Payment
- by Prabhakaran T. Raghu, Sukanya Das, S. Bala Ravi and E.D.Israel Oliver King
WP-72 - Stationarity Test for Aggregate Outputs in the Presence of Structural Breaks
- by D.K.Srivastava and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-71 - Compensating Wages for Occupational Risks of Farm Workers in India
- by P.Indira Devi , K. R. Shanmugam and M.G.Jayasree
WP-69 - The Distributional Impacts of Climate Change on Indian Agriculture : A Quantile Regression Approach
- by Chandra Kiran B Krishnamurthy
WP-70 - Efficiency of Raising Health Outcomes in the Indian States
- by Prachitha J. and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-68 - Basel l and Basel ll Compliance: Issues for Banks in India
- by Sreejata Banerjee
WP-67 - Corporate Governance and Product Market Competition
- by Ekta Selarka