MSE Working Papers

WP-115 - Money and Inflation: Evidence from P-Star Model
- by Sunil Paul, Sartaj Rasool Rather and M. Ramachandran
WP-114 - Price Rigidity, Inflation And The Distribution Of Relative Price Changes
- by Sartaj Rasool Rather, S. Raja Sethu Durai and M. Ramachandran
WP-113 - Efficiency in Elementary Education in Urban India: An Exploratory Analysis Using DEA
- by Brijesh C. Purohit
WP-112 - Health Shocks and Short-Term Consumption Growth
- by Sowmya Dhanaraj
WP-111 - The Conundrum of Profitability Versus Soundness for Banks By Ownership Type: Evidence From the Indian Banking Sector
- by Sreejata Banerjee and Malathi Velamuri
WP-110 - Caught in the ‘Net’: Fish Consumption Patterns of Coastal Regions in India
- by Lavanya Ravikanth and K. S. Kavi Kumar
WP-109 - The Income Mobility in Rural India: Evidence From ARIS/ REDS Surveys
- by Kailash Chandra Pradhan and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-108 - Monetary Policy Credibility: Is There a Magic Bullet?
- by Naveen Srinivasan,Vidya Mahambare and Francesco Perugini
WP-107 - Public Economics and Sustainable Developments Policy
- by U. Sankar
WP-106 - Parent’s Choice Function for Ward’s School Continuation in Rural India: A Case Study in West Bengal
- by Debdulal Thakur and Shrabani Mukherjee