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WP-2552024Work Activity Status of Male Youth in India: Role of Social NetworksRonak Maheshwari and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2542023Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India after Global Financial Crisis K. Ravirajan and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2532023Public Debt and External Debt Sustainability among BRICS Countries Magulsha George and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2522023The Effect of Technology on Financial Performance of Indian Banks K. Ravirajan and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2512023Determinants of Non-Performing Assets of Commercial Banks in India K. Ravirajan and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2502023Determinants of Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India after Global CrisesK. Ravirajan and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2492023The Lausanne School of EconomicsS. Pridiksha and T. Archana
WP-2482023Deflecting Economic Sanctions: Do Trade and Political Alliances Matter?Devasmita Jena, C. Akash and Prachi Gupta
WP-2472023The Impact of Monetary and Fiscal Stimulus on Stock Returns During the COVID-19 PandemicChinmaya Behera, Badri Narayan Rath and Pramod Kumar Mishra
WP-2462023Role of State in Food and Nutrition security: A case of TelanganaGummadi Sridevi, Amalendu Jyotishi, Matta Srinivas and Balaji
WP-2452023Corporate Social Responsibility of Indian BanksBrijesh C. Purohit
WP-2442023Financing Urban Services Through Cost Recoveries from Semi-Public goods – The Case of Drinking Water SupplyJ V M Sarma
WP-2432023 Spatial Durbin Model of Regional Incomes in India: The Role of Public, Private and Human CapitalVivek Jadhav and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2422023 Application of Volatility-Managed Portfolios in the Context of a Volatility IndexAbhishek Subramanian and Parthajit Kayal
WP-2412023Impact of Transfers on Elementary Education Expenditure and Measuring Equalization Transfers to Indian StatesJyotsna Rosario and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2402023Sustainability and Threshold Value of Public Debt of Centre and All State Governments in IndiaK. R. Shanmugam and P.S. Renjith
WP-2392023Evolving Contours of Centre-State Fiscal Relations: Inconsistencies, Ad-Hocism and CentralizationD.K. Srivastava
WP-2382022Equalization Transfers Based On Spending Needs and Fiscal Capacity of State Governments in IndiaK. Shanmugam and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2372022Designing Transfers Policy with Normatively Determined Revenues and Expenditures of State Governments in IndiaK. Shanmugam and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2362022Impact of Fiscal Transfers Policy on Regional Growth Convergence in IndiaK. Shanmugam and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2352022Empirical Analysis on Sustainability of Public Debt in Indian StatesK. R. Shanmugam and P.S. Renjith
WP-2342022Incidence of Corporate Income Tax: Estimates from Indian Manufacturing FirmsK. Sankarganesh and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2332022Effect of Corporate Income Tax on Investment Decisions of Indian Manufacturing FirmsK. Sankarganesh and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-2322022Achieving One Trillion Dollar Economy for Tamil Nadu: Some Implications and ConcernsC. Rangarajan and K.R. Shanmugam
WP-2312022Tamil Nadu State Finances: Issues and OptionsPinaki Chakraborthy
WP-2302022Fiscal Federalism in India: A Case for Reassigning of Tax PowersR. Srinivasan and S. Raja Sethu Durai
WP-2292022Compliance Costs of GST for Small Business Enterprises in Tamil NaduS. Vishnuhadevi and D. Hima Bindu
WP-2282022 Examining the Efficiency of Biodiversity Finance Action Plan across the Indian MegacitiesZareena Begum Irfan
WP-2272022 Fiscal Transfers, Climate Risks, and Partisan Politics: Does the Nature of Climate Risk Matter?K.S. Kavi Kumar and Anubhab Pattanayak
WP-2262022Sustainability and Threshold Value of Public Debt in Tamil Nadu K. R. Shanmugam and K. Shanmugam
WP-2252022Minimum Wages in the Presence of Wage and Non-Wage Sectors in India: An Exploratory Analysis of the Non-Farm SectorMohit Sharma and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2242022Budgetary Advocacy and Public Finance Management for North-Eastern Region in IndiaShrabani Mukherjee, Vivek Jadhav and Debdulal Thakur
WP-2232022Adaptation to Rainfall Extremes: Role of Dams in IndiaAgnij Sur, K.S. Kavi Kumar and Anubhab Pattanayak
WP-2222022Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in India: Time for the Next Generation of ReformsD.K. Srivastava
WP-2212022Evolving Issues and Future Directions in GST Reform in IndiaM. Govinda Rao
WP-2202022Medium-term Projections of Vehicle Ownership, Energy Demand and Vehicular Emissions in IndiaB. Ajay Krishna
WP-2192022Outcome of FTPT in Diversified Society: Evidence on Disproportionality from Loksabha Constituencies Vivek Jadhav
WP-2182022Political Concentration, Religious Diversity and Human Development: Evidence from Indian StatesShrabani Mukherjee and Vivek Sharadadevi Jadhav
WP-2172022Socio-Economic Factors and Conflicts in North-Eastern Region of IndiaNabeel Asharaf and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2162022Multiple Dimensions of Cyclicality in InvestingThillaikkoothan Palanichamy and Parthajit Kayal
WP-2152022How Much Does Volatility Influence Stock Market Returns? – Empirical Evidence from IndiaMalvika Saraf and Parthajit Kayal
WP-2142022Predicting Power of Ticker Search Volume in Indian Stock MarketIshani Chaudhuri and Parthajit Kayal
WP-2132022Potential Inequities in Covid -19 vaccinationsBrijesh C Purohit
WP-2122021Rural Urban Differentials in Health Insurance DemandBrijesh C Purohit
WP-2112021Farmers’ Distress in India: Debt Waivers as a Policy Response and Their Implications Sowmya Dhanaraj, Vidya Mahambare and Pragati
WP-2102021Role of ICT Dissemination and Digital Finance in Poverty Eradication and Income Inequality Reduction: A Sub-national Level Study from IndiaSimontinti Das and Amrita Chatterjee
WP-2092021Essay on Non-linear Pricing in E-commerceDipankar Das and Vivek Sharadadevi Jadhav
WP-2082021Gender Differences in Double Burden of Malnutrition in India: Quantile Regression EstimatesArchana Agnihotri and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2072021Gender Parity in Higher Education Enrolment: Role of Family NetworksKavya Ravindranath and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2062021Integration of Econometric Models and Machine Learning- Study on US Inflation and UnemploymentSri Rajitha and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-2052021Crop diversity and resilience to droughts: Evidence from indian agricultureS. Madhumitha, K.S. Kavi Kumar and Anubhab Pattanayak
WP-204 2020Impact of Climate Change on Economic Growth: A Case Study of IndiaMedhavi Sandhani, Anubhab Pattanayak and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-2032020Going beyond gold: Can equities be safe-haven?
Parthajit Kayal and Janani Sri SG
WP-2022020Effect of farming systems for nutrition on nutritional intakes: A study of two regions in IndiaNithya D.J., S. Raju, R. V. Bhavani, Akshaya Kumar Panda, Rupal D. Wagh and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-2012020Understanding the water crisis in India: Application of Causal Loop Modelling to examine the environment-economy interlinkage across sectorsAshwin Ram Sridharan and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-200 2020Double burden of malnutrition in India: Decadal changes among adult men and womenBrinda Viswanathan and Archana Agnihotri
WP-1992020From income to household welfare: lessons from refrigerator ownership in IndiaSowmya Dhanaraj, Vidya Mahambare and Poonam Munjal
WP-1982020Inventory cycles and business cycles – has the relationship lost its importance over the years: A time-varying parameter approach using U.S. dataParijat Maitra and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-197 2020The oil story: Is it still the same?Swati Singh and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-1962020Inflation targeting in the united kingdom: Is there evidence for asymmetric preferences?Pranjal Rawat and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-195Information theoretic ranking of extreme value returnsParthajit Kayal, Sumanjay Dutta, Vipul Khandelwal and Rakesh Nigam
WP-193 Institutional design and credibilityJyotsana Kala and Naveen Srinivas
WP-194Constant gain learning framework to understand the behaviour of US Inflation and unemployment in the 2nd half of 20th centuryM. Venkata Raamasrinivas and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-192 If monetary aggregates, then divisiaNaveen Srinivasan and Parush Arora
WP-191The nnatural rate of unemployment: reflections on the barro-gordon and natural rate paradigms Abhiruchi Rathi and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-190 Impact of Trade with ASEAN on India’s Employment in Industrial SectorDevasmita Jena and Swati Saini
WP-189The role of feminist political ecology (FPE) framework in studying how gender and natural resources are interlinked: The case of women in the aftermath of Bangladesh’s arsenic contaminationChinmayi Srikanth and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-188 Are human rights and economic well-being substitutes? the evidence from the migration patterns in Bangladesh and MyanmarAnkan Ghosh and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-187Political cycles in MGNREGs implementationK. Vinay and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-186Can women empowerment help to reduce open defecation in India: Evidence from NFHS 4Amrita Chatterjee and Shriya Agarwal
WP-185Weather shocks, agricultural productivity and farmer suicides in IndiaSonal Barve, K.S. Kavi Kumar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-184Fiscal transfers, natural calamities and partisan politics – evidence from IndiaAnubhab Pattanayak and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-183Assessment of climate change impacts and Adaptation: A Methodological review and application to indian agricultureAnubhab Pattanayak and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-182Climate risk and rural India: Research and policy issuesK.S. Kavi Kumar, Anubhab Pattanayak, Brinda Viswanathan, and Ashish Chaturvedi
WP-181Household choice of financial borrowing and its source: Multinomial probit model with selectionKanika Rana and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-180Farmer’s perception on soil erosion in rainfed watershed areas of Telangana, IndiaDayakar Peddi and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-179Social performance of microfinance institutions in South Asian region: A case study of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka S. Saravanan and Brijesh C. Purohit
WP-178Information and communication technology diffusion and financial inclusion: an interstate analysis for IndiaAmrita Chatterjee and Simontini Das
WP-177Household income dynamics and investment in children: Evidence from IndiaSowmya Dhanaraj, Smit Gade and Christy Mariya Paul
WP-176 Family structure, education and women’s employment in Rural IndiaSowmya Dhanaraj and Vidya Mahambare
WP-175 Current status of coral reefs in india: importance, rising threats and policies for its conservation and managementSrihitha Baswapoor and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-174Current status of mangroves in India: Benefits, rising threats policy and suggestions for the way forwardSamyuktha Ashokkumar and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP - 173Corporate governance practices in IndiaEkta Selarka
WP-172 Sustainability and efficiency of microfinance Institutions in South AsiaBrijesh C. Purohit and S. Saravanan
WP-171Sustainable debt policies of indian state governmentsP.S. Renjith and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-170Catalyst role of indian railways in empowering economy: Freight or passenger segment is on the fast track of expansion or exploitation?Zareena Begum Irfan, Shivani Gupta, Ashwin Ram and Satarupa Rakshit
WP-169 Modelling the characteristics of residential energy consumption: Empirical evidence of indian scenarioZareena Begum Irfan, Divya Jain, Satarupa Rakshit and Ashwin Ram
WP-168 Calendar anomaly and the degree of market inefficiency of bitcoinS. Raja Sethu Durai and Sunil Paul
WP-167Predictors of age-specific childhood mortality in IndiaG. Naline and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-166 Task force on improving employment data -A critiqueT.N. Srinivasan
WP-165Financial inclusion, information and communication technology diffusion and Economic Growth: A panel data analysisAmrita Chatterjee and Nitigya Anand
WP-164 Microfinance and women empowerment- empirical evidence from the Indian statesS.Saravanan and Devi Prasad DASH
WP-163 Cost of land degradation in IndiaP. Dayakar
WP-162Does Weather sensitivity of rice yield vary across regions? evidence from eastern and southern IndiaAnubhab Pattanayak and K. S. Kavi Kumar
WP-161 Technical Efficiency of agricultural production in India: Evidence from REDS SurveyKailash Chandra Pradhan and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-160An alternative argument of green solow model in developing economy contextSantosh K. Sahu and Arjun Shatrunjay
WP-159 Export performance, innovation, and productivity in Indian Manufacturing FirmsSantosh K. Sahu, Sunder Ramaswamy and Abishek Choutagunta
WP-158Trade, financial flows and stock market interdependence: Evidence from Asian marketsSowmya Dhanaraj, Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy and M. Suresh Babu
WP-157Child work and schooling in rural North India: What does time use data say about trade offs and drivers of human capital investment?Sudha Narayanan and Sowmya Dhanaraj
WP-156 Examining the land use change of the ousteri wetland using the land use dynamic degree model Zareena Begum Irfan, Venkatachalam. L, Jayakumar S and Satarupa Rakshit
WP-155Evaluation index system (EIS) for the ecological- economic- social performances of ouster wetland across Puducherry and Tamil NaduZareena Begum Irfan, Venkatachalam. L, Jayakumar S and Satarupa Rakshit
WP-154 Triggers and barriers for ‘exclusion’ to ‘inclusion’ in the financial sector: A country-wise scrutinyKeshav Sood and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-153Asymmetric impact of relative price shocks in presence of trend inflationSartaj Rasool Rather
WP-152Evaluating Asian FTAs: What do gravity equation models tell us?Sunder Ramaswamy, Abishek Choutagunta and Santosh Kumar Sahu
WP-151Determinants of outsourcing in the automobile sector in India Santosh K. Sahu and Ishan Roy
WP-150Anatomy of input demand functions for indian farmers across regionsShrabani Mukherjee and Kailash Chandra Pradhan
WP-149Interwar unemployment in the UK and US: Old and new evidenceNaveen Srinivasan and Pratik Mitra
WP-148Universal PDS: Efficiency and equity dimensionsSowmya Dhanaraj and Smit Gade
WP-147Benefits of coastal shipping: Scope for sea change in domestic freight transportation In IndiaLavanya Ravikanth Anneboina and K. S. Kavi Kumar
WP-146Changing trends of India’s corporate leverage – the fault linesSaumitra Bhaduri and Mriga Bansal
WP-145Contribution of mangroves to marine fisheries in India Lavanya Ravikanth Anneboina and K. S. Kavi Kumar
WP-144The tradeoffs between GHGs emissions, income inequality and productivityUnmesh Patnaik and Santosh K. Sahu
WP-143Revisiting the determinants of child anthropometric indicators in India using seemingly unrelated regressions modelG. Naline and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-142Game theoretical approach to regulate the public-owned river water utilities: A case study of cauvery RiverZareena Begum Irfan and Jeeva Mary Jacob
WP-141Does carbon tax makes sense? assessing global scenario and addressing indian perspectiveMohana Mondal, Zareena Begum Irfan and Sunder Ramaswamy
WP-140Economic incentives for the conservation of bharathapuzha river: Focus on sand mining Lakshmi Sreedhar and Zareena egum IrfanLakshmi Sreedhar and Zareena Begum Irfan
WP-139Covariate and idiosyncratic shocks and coping strategies for poor and non-poor rural households in IndiaKailash Chandra Pradhan and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-138 Kerosene consumption in India: Welfare and environmental issuesK.S. Kavi Kumar & Brinda Viswanathan
WP-137Consumer’s acceptance towards Genetically Modified Crops and growth of the economy: A theoretical approachAmrita Chatterjee and Arpita Ghose
WP-136Determinants of child health: An empirical analysisSowmya Dhanaraj
WP-135Does corporate governance matter in determinants and use of cash: Evidence from IndiaSaumitra Bhaduri and Ekta Selarka
WP-134 Inflation and the dispersion of relative prices: A case for four percent solutionSartaj Rasool Rather, S Raja Sethu Durai and M Ramachandran
WP-133 Female headed households and poverty: Analysis using household level dataPriyanka Julka and Sukanya Das
WP-132Is financial inclusion cause or outcome? A state-wise assessment in IndiaShrabani Mukherjee and Subhadri Sankar Mallik
WP-131Impact of agricultural related technology adoption on poverty: A study of select households in Rural IndiaSantosh K. Sahu and Sukanya Das
WP-130 Women on board and performance of family firms: evidence from IndiaJayati Sarkar and Ekta Selarka
WP-129Related party transactions and stock price crash risk: Evidence from IndiaEkta Selarka and Subhra Choudhury
WP-128Analyzing the aid effectiveness on the living standard: A check-up on South East Asian countriesZareena B. Irfan, Arpita Nehra and Mohana Mondal
WP-127The culmination of the MDG’s: A new arena of the sustainable development goalsZareena B. Irfan, Arpita Nehra and Mohana Mondal
WP-126Investigating household preferences for restoring Pallikaranai MarshSuganya Balakumar and Sukanya Das
WP-125Effect of macroeconomic news releases on bond yields in India China and JapanSreejata Banerjee and Divya Sinha
WP-124Recreational value of coastal and marine ecosystems in India: A partial estimatePranab Mukhopadhyay and Vanessa Da Costa
WP-123Analyzing the water footprint of indian dairy IndustryZareena B. Irfan and Mohana Mondal
WP-122 Mergers and acquisitions in the Indian pharmaceutical sectorSantosh Kumar Sahu and Nitika Agarwal
WP-121Efficiency in education sector: A case of Rajasthan State (India)Brijesh C Purohit
WP-120 Health shocks and coping strategies: state health insurance scheme of Andhra Pradesh, IndiaSowmya Dhanaraj
WP-119Productivity, energy intensity and output: A unit level analysis of the Indian Manufacturing SectorSantosh K. Sahu and Himani Sharma
WP-118Health shocks and inter-generational transmission of inequalitySowmya Dhanaraj
WP-117Impact of water and sanitation on selected water borne diseases in IndiaBrijesh C. Purohit
WP-116Determinants of energy and CO2 emission intensities: A study of manufacturing firms in indiaSantosh K. Sahu and Deepanjali Mehta
WP-115 Money and inflation: evidence from P-Star modelSunil Paul, Sartaj Rasool Rather and M. Ramachandran
WP-114 Price rigidity, inflation and the distribution of relative price changes Sartaj Rasool Rather, S. Raja Sethu Durai and M. Ramachandran
WP-113 Efficiency in elementary education in urban India: An exploratory analysis using DEABrijesh C. Purohit
WP-112Health shocks and short-term consumption growthSowmya Dhanaraj
WP-111The conundrum of profitability versus soundness for banks by ownership type: Evidence from the Indian banking sectorSreejata Banerjee and Malathi Velamuri
WP-110Caught in the ‘Net’: fish consumption patterns of coastal regions in IndiaLavanya Ravikanth and K. S. Kavi Kumar
WP-109 The income mobility in rural India: Evidence from ARIS/ REDS surveys Kailash Chandra Pradhan and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-108 Monetary policy credibility: Is there a magic bullet?Naveen Srinivasan,Vidya Mahambare and Francesco Perugini
WP-107Public economics and sustainable developments policy U. Sankar
WP-106Parent’s choice function for ward’s school continuation in rural India: A case study in West BengalDebdulal Thakur and Shrabani Mukherjee
WP-105Biofuel feedstock cultivation in India: implications for food security and rural livelihoodsK.S. Kavi Kumar, R.S. Soundar Rajan and R. Manivasagan
WP-104Can univariate time series models of inflation help discriminate between alternative sources of inflation persistence Naveen Srinivasan and Pankaj Kumar
WP-103Capital controls, exchange market intervention and international reserve accumulation in India Naveen Srinivasan, Vidya Mahambare and M. Ramachandran
WP-102Stress test of banks in india across ownerships : A VAR approachSreejata Banerjee and Divya Murali
WP-101To consume or to conserve: Examining water conservation model for wheat cultivation in IndiaZareena Begum Irfan and Bina Gupta
WP-100An inter-country analysis on growth of non-bank financial intermediariesK.R. Shanmugam
WP-99Inflation forecasting and the distribution of price changesSartaj Rasool Rather,Sunil Paul and S. Raja Sethu Durai
WP-98 - Technology import, R&D spillover and export: A study of automobile sector in India Santosh K. Sahu and K. Narayanan
WP-97Based Industries: A case study in West BengalShrabani Mukherjee
WP-96 - A Dynamic Economic Model Of Soil Conservation Involving Genetically Modified CropAmrita Chatterjee, Arpita Ghose
WP-95 Volatility spillover between oil and stock market returns B. Anand, Sunil Paul, M. Ramachandran
WP-94Asymmetric price adjustment – evidence for IndiaSartaj Rasool Rather, S. Raja Sethu Durai and M. Ramachandran
WP-93 Women’s malnutrition in India: The role of economic and social statusShikha Dahiya and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-92Energy use patterns and firm performance: Evidence from indian industriesSantosh Kumar Sahu
WP-91A new approach to construct core inflationSartaj Rasool Rather, S. Raja Sethu Durai and M. Ramachandran
WP-90 Analyzing the pathway to improve tiger conservation in IndiaZareena Begum. I and Amanat K. Gill
WP-89Testing the expectations trap hypothesis: A time-varying parameter approachNaveen Srinivasan
WP-88 Perspectives on valuation of biodiversitySuneetha M S
WP-87 Can the learnability criterion ensure determinacy in new keynesian models?Patrick Minford and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-86Agriculture and child under-nutrition in India: A state level analysisSwarna Sadasivam Vepa, Vinodhini Umashankar, R.V. Bhavani and Rohit Parasar
WP-85Unravelling India’s inflation puzzlePankaj Kumar and Naveen Srinivasan
WP-84Group inequalities and scanlan’s rule’: Two apparent conundrums and how we might address them Peter J. Lambert and S. Subramanian
WP-83R and D spillovers across the supply chain: Evidence from the indian automobile industry Madhuri Saripalle
WP-82 Carbon dioxide emissions from Indian manufacturing industries: Role of energy and technology intensitySantosh Kumar Sahu and K. Narayanan
WP-81Weather sensitivity of rice yield: Evidence from IndiaAnubhab Pattanayak and K.S.Kavi Kumar
WP-80Rural migration, weather and agriculture: Evidence from Indian census dataBrindaViswanathan and K.S.Kavi Kumar
WP-79Weather and migration in India:Evidence from NSS dataK.S.Kavi Kumar and BrindaViswanathan
WP-78A note on excess money growth and inflation dynamics: Evidence from threshold regressionSaumitra N Bhaduri and S. Raja Sethu Durai
WP-77 Revisiting the growth-inflation nexus : A wavelet analysisSaumitra N Bhaduri
WP-76 Science and economics for sustainable development of IndiaU.Sankar
WP-75Addressing long-term challenges to food security and rural livelihoods in South AsiaK.S. Kavi Kumar, Kamal Karunagoda, Enamul Haque, L. Venkatachelam and Girish Nath Bahal
WP-74Health policy, inequity and convergence in IndiaBrijesh C. Purohit
WP-73Assessing farmer’s willingness to participate in the on-farm conservation of minor millet using direct compensation paymentPrabhakaran T. Raghu, Sukanya Das, S. Bala Ravi and E.D.Israel Oliver King
WP-72Stationarity test for aggregate outputs in the presence of structural breaksD.K.Srivastava and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-71Compensating wages for occupational risks of farm workers in IndiaP.Indira Devi , K. R. Shanmugam and M.G.Jayasree
WP-70Efficiency of raising health outcomes in the Indian StatesPrachitha J. and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-69 The distributional impacts of climate change on Indian Agriculture : A Quantile Regression ApproachChandra Kiran B Krishnamurthy
WP-68Basel l and Basel ll compliance: Issues for banks in IndiaSreejata Banerjee
WP-67Corporate governance and product market competitionEkta Selarka
WP-66Poverty, human development and health financing in IndiaBrijesh C.Purohit
WP-65 Learning and capability acquisition:A Case study of the Indian automobile industryMadhuri Saripalle
WP-64Arsenic ccontamination in water: A conceptual framework of policy optionsZareena Begum
WP-63Determinants of child morbidity and factors governing utilisation of child health care: Evidence from rural IndiaAnindita Chakrabarti
WP-62 Patterns of labour market insecurity in rural India: A multidimensional and multivariate analysis Padmini Desikachar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-61Evidence on changes in time varying volatility around bonus and rights issue announcementsDr. Madhuri Malhotra and Dr. M. Thenmozhi and Dr. Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy
WP-60 Discount rate for health benefits and the value of life in IndiaK R.Shanmugam
WP-59Dependence of states on central transfers: Aggregate and state-wise analysisD K Srivastava and C Bhujanga Rao
WP-58Household level pollution in India: patterns and projectionsK.S. Kavi Kumar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-57 Shifting preferences at the fed: Evidence from rolling dynamic multipliers and impulse response analysisMatthew Greenwood-Nimmo and Yongcheol Shin
WP-56India’s low carbon inclusive growth strategyU. Sankar
WP-55 Valuing the environment in developing countries: Modeling the impact of distrust in public authorities’ ability to deliver on the citizens’ Willingness to Pay for Improved Environmental QualityEkin Birol and Sukanya Das
WP-54Climate variability and agricultural productivity: Case study of rice yields in Northern IndiaIshwarya Balasubramanian and K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-53 Heterogeneous MNC subsidiaries and technological spillovers: Explaining positive and negative effects in IndiaAnabel Marin and Subash Sasidharan
WP-52Measuring accuracy of projections of central taxes by the finance commissionD K Srivastava and C Bhujanga Rao
WP-51 The value of improved public services: An application of the choice experiment method to estimate the value of improved Wastewater treatment infrastructure in IndiaEkin Birol and Sukanya Das
WP-50Reforming indirect taxes in India : Role of environmental taxesD K Srivastava and C Bhujanga Rao
WP-49MNES and export spillovers : An analysis of indian manufacturing industriesChiara Franco and Subash Sasidharan
WP-48 Revenue-expenditure nexus for southern states: Some policy oriented econometric observationsKausik Chaudhuri and Bodhisattva Sengupta
WP-47 Ecology, environment and sustainable development in indian fiscal federalismU.Sankar
WP-46Causality between foreign direct investment and tourism: Empirical evidence from IndiaSaroja Selvanathan, E.A. Selvanathan and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-45 Data requirements and statistical challenges for Designing Climate Friendly Energy policies In multilateral frameworkU.Sankar
WP-44Finance commission and the southern states: Overview of issuesD.K.Srivastava
WP-43 Climate sensitivity of indian agricultureK.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-42Inter-state imbalances in essential services: some perspectivesC. Bhujanga Rao and D.K. Srivastava
WP-41 Socio-economic characteristics of the tall and not so Tall women of IndiaBrinda Viswanathan and Viney Sharma
WP-40 Determining general and specific purpose transfers: an integrated approachRicha Saraf and D.K. Srivastava
WP-39 Designing fiscal transfers: A normative approachK.R. Shanmugam and D.K. Srivastava
WP-38 Stock returns-inflation relation in IndiaK.R. Shanmugam and Biswa Swarup Misra
WP-37 The impact of R&D and foreign direct investment on firm Growth in Emerging-developing countries: Evidence from indian manufacturing industriesAdamos Adamou and Subash S
WP-36 An analysis of Life insurance demand Determinants for selected Asian economies and IndiaSubir Sen
WP-35Innovation in India and China: challenges and prospects in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology Jayan Jose Thomas
WP-34 Customer relationship management (CRM) to Avoid Cannibalization: analysis through spend intensity modelSaumitra N Bhaduri, Avanti George and David J Fogarty
WP-33Ownership and performance of the indian banking industrySaumitra N Bhaduri and K.R.Shanmugam
WP-32 Enabling incremental gains through customized price optimizationSaumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V, Avanti George and David J Fogarty
WP-31 Reforming India’s fiscal transfer system: Resolving vertical and horizontal imbalancesC. Rangarajan and D. K. Srivastava
WP-30 Mitigating sample selection bias through customer relationship managementSaumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V and David J Fogarty
WP-29Strategic retail marketing through DGP based modelsSaumitra N Bhaduri, Anuradha V, S Raja Sethu Durai and David J Fogarty
WP-28 -Global public goods.U. Sankar
WP-27Unit root tests for time series in the presence of an explosive rootK. Suresh Chandra and J.V. Janhavi
WP-26 Sources of output growth in indian agriculture during the post-reform periodK.R. Shanmugam and Vidhya Soundararajan (February 2008)
WP-25Macroeconomic uncertainty and corporate liquidity: the Indian case.Mrinal Kanti and Saumitra N Bhaduri
WP-24Are emerging stock markets sideshows? some stylised facts from an emerging economy, IndiaSaumitra N Bhaduri and Bhargavi Shankar
WP-23WP-23 - Investment and Capital Market Imperfections: Some Evidence from a Developing Economy, IndiaSaumitra N Bhaduri
WP-22 Double hurdle model: Not if, but when will customer attrite?Saumitra N Bhaduri, S Raja Sethu Durai and David J Fogarty
WP-21 Strategy of growth for substantial reduction of Poverty and reversal of trend towards increasing regional divideRaja J. Chelliah and K.R. Shanmugam
WP-20 Severity of dormancy model (SDM): Reckoning the customers before they quiescentSaumitra N Bhaduri, S Raja Sethu Durai and David J Fogarty
WP-19 Vulnerability to poverty and vulnerability to Climate Change: Conceptual framework, measurement and synergies in policy K.S. Kavi Kumar, Richard J.T. Klein, Cezar Ionescu, Jochen Hinkel and Rupert Klein
WP-18 Optimal media mix – evaluating the impact of advertisement expenditures of different mediaSaumitra N Bhaduri, S Raja Sethu Durai and David J Fogarty
WP-17 Industrial Growth and environmental degradation: A case study of Tiruppur textile clusterPrakash Nelliyat
WP-16 Environment, human development and Economic Growth after liberalisation: An analysis of indian statesSacchidananda Mukherjee and Debashis Chakraborty
WP-15Export competitiveness in the indian auto-component industry: does low wage cost matter?Madhuri Saripalle
WP-14 Compensating the loss of ecosystem services due to pollution in noyyal river basin, Tamil NaduPaul P. Appasamy and Prakash Nelliyat
WP-13 Estimation of marginal abatement cost of air pollution in durgapur city of West BengalKakali Mukhopadhyay and Souvik Bhattacharya
WP-12 Vulnerability to chronic energy deficiency: An empirical analysis of women in Uttar Pradesh, IndiaMaithili Ramachandran, K.S. Kavi Kumar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-11 Health, technical efficiency and agricultural production in indian districtsAtheendar S. Venkataramani, K.R. Shanmugam and Jennifer Prah Ruger
WP-10 Technical efficiency in agricultural production and its determinants: An exploratory study at the district levelK.R.Shanmugam and Atheendar Venkataramani
WP-09 Fuel demand elasticities for energy and environmental policies indian sample survey evidenceHaripriya Gundimeda and Gunnar Kohlin
WP-08 Equalizing health and education: approach of the twelfth finance commissionSrivastava. D.K
WP-07 Ground water pollution and emerging environmental challenges of industrial effluent irrigation: A case study of Mettupalayam Taluk, TamilnaduSacchidananda Mukherjee and Prakash Nelliyat
WP-06 Is economic growth sustainable? environmental quality of indian states post 1991Sacchidananda Mukherjee and Vinish Kathuria
WP-05Accounting for India’s forest wealthGiles Atkinson and Haripriya Gundimeda
WP-04Female labour migration in India :Insights from NSSO dataShanthi. K
WP-03Does environmental kuznet’s curve exist for indoor air pollution? evidence from Indian Household Level Data (2004)Kavi Kumar K.S. and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-02Informal regulation of pollution in a developing countryVinish Kathuria
WP-01 Some aspects of inter district disparities in Tamil NaduChelliah Raja J. and K.R. Shanmugam