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Dr. Srikant teaches courses in financial economics, corporate finance, and financial markets. He holds a PhD and MBA from IIM Calcutta, and a bachelors degree in computer engineering from Delhi University. Before entering academics, Dr. Srikant managed large proprietary systematic and arbitrage strategies.

Persistent Sunk Cost Fallacy in a Real Effort Experiment

( with Priyodorshi Banerjee and S Chandrasekhar )

May 23, 2019; Studies in Microeconomics

Subjects chose whether to leave with an endowment or stay to perform some simple tasks in a real effort experiment. In addition to performance pay, staying subjects received their endowment in the control condition, but had to sacrifice it in the treatment condition. We found average performance of staying subjects, after controlling for selection effects, was higher in the treatment condition. Further, the sunk cost effect persisted well after the decision as to whether to stay or leave had been made.

Persistent Sunk Cost Fallacy in a Real Effort Experiment

Learning to Set the Reserve Price Optimally in Laboratory First Price Auctions

( with Priyodorshi Banerjee and Shashwat Khare )

Oct 9, 2018; Games

We analyze choices of sellers, each setting a reserve price in a laboratory first price auction with automated equilibrium bidding. Subjects are allowed to gain experience for a fixed period of time prior to making a single payoff-relevant choice. Behavior of more experienced sellers was consistent with benchmark theory: average reserve price for these sellers was independent of the number of bidders and equaled the predicted level. Less experienced sellers however deviated from the theoretical benchmark: on average, they tended to shade reserve price below the predicted level and positively relate it to the number of bidders.

Learning to Set the Reserve Price Optimally in Laboratory First Price Auctions  

Ranbaxy Acquisition by Daiichi Sankyo

(with Rama Seth)

Apr 12, 2012; Ivey Publishing


special situation; what information can we infer from futures ?

Ranbaxy Acquisition by Daiichi Sankyo


  • Financial Markets and Microstructure
  • Machine Learning

MA ( Financial Economics, Actuarial Economics, Applied Quantitative Finance )

  • Financial Economics - I ( choice under uncertainty, portfolio choice, equilibrium in financial markets, index and factor models )
  • Financial Economics - II ( arbitrage pricing and derivatives, capital structure and dividend policy)
  • Financial Market Microstructure
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Financial Instruments and Markets
applying microeconomic theory in finance settings