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As part of the curriculum masters students at MSE spend part of their final semester to work on a thesis. The thesis is supervised by a faculty member for the program and is also advised by an internal committee of faculty members. At the end of the semester an external examiner assesses the thesis and the student defends the work in an open viva-voce.

  • General Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Actuarial Economics
  • Applied Quantitative Finance
  • Environmental Economics

Actuarial Economics

Factors Determining Reinsurnace Demand: Evidence From The Indian Insurance MarketDharini S2020
Study On The Influence Of Firm-Specific And Macro-Economic Factors On Working Capital Requirements Of Manufacturing Smes In IndiaSyeda Hamida2020
Impact Of Minimum Support Prices On Production Of Paddy In IndiaSohini Banerjee2020
Impact Of Drought On Height Of Adult Men In IndiaSneha2020
Analysis Of Factors Affecting Outstanding Claim Provision Of Non -Life Insurance Firms In IndiaShivani Yadav2020
Determinants Of Profitability In Life Insurance In India Private And Public Sector Separate Analysis (2011-19)Sachin Kumar Pal2020
Performance Evaluation Of Small-Cap And Mid-Cap Mutual Funds Based On Management Characteristics, Market Risk And Fund Size SeparatelyJaspreet Singh Chopra2020
Effect Of Marriage And Fertility On Female Labor Force Participation In India:Evidence From Nfhs-4Gunjan Khandelwal2020
Sustainable Transport Means Public Transport: Evidence From DelhiAmrendra Kumar Kushwaha2020
Measurement And Determinants Of Informal Employment Among Non-Cultivator Workers: An Evidence From IndiaAbhinav Aggarwal2020
Factors influencing the life insurance demand in indiaAnjali J Nambisan2016
The factors affecting profitability of banks: In indian contextShreya Lahiri2016
Equity risk premium: determinants and Implications in indiaPriya Shroff2016
Triangle-free reservingParul Aggarwal2016
The impact of crude oil and gold price on Financial stability: a case study of india Nirmalya Banerjee2016
Determinants of net interest margin of scheduled commercial banks in indiaMeghana Edakalathur2016
Monsoon and its impact on indian agriculture Medha Bose2016
Do stock markets have any impact on economy? A case study of india Komal Kumar2016
Impact of monetary policy On Indian stock marketsKetan Bhatheja2016
Triggers and barriers for ‘exclusion’ to ‘inclusion’ in the financial sector: a country-wise scrutinyKeshav Sood2016
Constraints for small enterprises’ access to formal credit in india? Jaskaran Singh Narula2016
Asymmetric transmission of world price changes Gunjan Thareja2016
Agricultural insurance: crop insurance Elakkiya A2016
Asymmetry in the exchange rate pass-through – evidence for india Devangku Bhattacharjee2016
Does total factor productivity determine research and development in indian pharmaceutical sector? Anuradha Sethi2016
The impact of cost on premium-an explanatory analysis for life insurance industry in india Ahana Sanyal2016
Lapsed policy of life insurance Subarna Gayen 2014
Technology Portfolio & Market value in the Automobile or Pharma Sector Sondeep Chakravarty2014
Asset Recovery in corporate debt reconstructuring scheme Romita Bhattacharya2014
Insurance or potensity of pension market in India Piyu Jain2014
Evolution of pension business in India Meenakshi Dhiman2014
Equity risk premium, estimation, trends pre and post crisis Elna James Kattoor2014
Sliding Rupee Deepak George Jacob2014
Mergers and Acquisitions Anwesha Roy2014
Financial Inclusion AmoolyaElizabeth Prakash2014
Applicability Of Solvency Ii And Orsa In India Vishnu Bharadwaj A2013
Impact Of Bt Cotton On The Yields Of Cotton Velagapudi Pratyusha2013
Asset Liability Management In Life Insurance – Building A Simplified Model For An Endowment & Money Back Product Trina R. Maitra2013
Spending And Saving Pattern Of The Adolescent Consumer Subhashini J2013
An Empirical Study Of Customer Retention In Motor Insurance Sandeeptha Christianna Dhas2013
Energy Consumption And Its Relationship With The Gross Domestic Product Rini Mukherjee2013
Econometric Analysis Of Public Health Expenditure Of Brics Countries Ravi Prakash. B. J 2013
Relationship Study Between Carry Trade Activity In The Global Markets And The Indian Stock Market Karthik S2013
Market Inefficiency the Case of the English Football League Immanuel Jayker D2013
Foreign Direct Investment and economic growth in the States of India Chandrava Das 2013
Estimating Claim Reserve Using A Stochastic Approach Vipul Goel2012
A Comparitive Study On Efficiency Of Life Insurance Firms In Selective Asian Countries Vaijayanthi Narasimhanl2012
Worker’s Insurance Benefits And The Value Of Health Losses Upasana Pahuja2012
Estimation Of Expected Number Of Claims And Claim Amounts In Motor Insurance Subha Pradha.K2012
Risk Based Loading Factor For Individuals Sri Ram Subramanian2012
Minimization Of The Ultimate Ruin Probability Sheela Priya2012
Determinants Of Child Sex Ratio In Southern India A Village Level Analysis Mohana Kumaran. V2012
Estimating Garch Models Using Support Vector Machines Jaineel Prashant Patel2012
Factors Affecting Housing Prices In India Gurumoorthy Pattabiraman2012
Assessment Of Health Impacts On Residents Of Slum Settlements At Mylapore In Chennai Giriprasad Venkatraman2012
How An Expansionary Monetary Policy Now Would Aid To India’s Growth Deepak Chandran.S2012
Estimating Unpaid Claims In Property And Casualty Insurance Ashwin Jayaraman2012

Applied Quantitative Finance

Can we recover effectively? An Empirical Analysis of Ross’ Recovery TheoremAMIT PAWAR2020
Predicting Stock Returns and Trading Volumes using Search Engine Query DataISHANI CHAUDHURI2020
Growth And Profitability: The Right Mix Earns Outstanding Returns In The Indian Stock MarketRUPKATHA DAS2020
Profitability analysis of banks in india Bharti Sipani 2016
Is there linkage between credit risk and market risk? Vinayak Bhardwaj2016
The effect of macroeconomic factors on credit risk in the indian banking system Vandana Madan2016
Role of seasonal affective disorder (sad) in the financial market of india Uday Mehta2016
The impact of currency instability on stock markets in india – pricing of exchange rate risks Smita Mahapatra2016
Monetary policy review: focusing on inflation Shivani Bhuria2016
Reactions of stock price to dividend announcement in indian stock markets Shalini Majumdar2016
Exports, r&d and productivity: A test of the bustos-model with indian firm level data Saumya Sanghi2016
Segmentation of nifty stocks and its impact on Investment: an application of cluster analysis in finance Sangborta Bhattacharya2016
Contagion effect of the financial crisis on the indian stock market Rini Rose Thomas2016
Factors affecting ceo compensaiton, proportion of independent directors in the remuneration committee? Rahul Tutlan2016
Socioeconomic variables and its impact on Crime in india Priyanka Sarkar2016
Impact of gender diverse boards on corporate Performance – the case of indian firms making acquisitions Mehak Jain2016
Review on dating business cycle in post reform emerging economies Of india K. Malar Vizhi2016
Formulation of a model to predict the probability of remaining in business of indian companies in case of a financial crisis with reference to the 2008 financial crisis Jagjit Singh2016
Multidimensional comparative advantage and economic competency of indian manufacturing sector: a firm level studyIndeever Sai Prakash Polaki2016
A comparative study of univariate and multivariate logistic regression to Predict the right customers for granting loanHimanshu Madan2016
Cross-sector partnerships: the way forward, towards realization of post 2015 development agenda?Dwitipriya Sanyal2016
Is diverssification an efficient hypothesis?case study for indian mutual fundsDeepak Pandey 2016
A case of dual debt and equity in determining the capital Structure: a study of indian corporate sectorDeeksha Kakkar 2016
Evaluating the perfor Agreements using gravity equation models A specific focus on south-asiaChoutagunta Sridhar Abishek2016
Dynamic relationship between stock prices and macroeconomic Variables in india: an evidence from bombay stock exchangeAnubhav Bigamal2016
Operational riskSonali Agarwal2014
Inflow of FDI in Indian Manufacturing sectorSaksham Shubham2014
Capital Market of India and its reformsPritam Jyoti Changkakoty2014
Real and Monetary Determinants of Real exchange rate behaviorNidhish Kumar2014
Manufacturing Sector In India- Past, Present, & FutureNavneet Kumar2014
Innovation R&D efficiency and impact of regulations: Study of Indian manufacturing firms Manasa Mishra2014
Stock and Volatility Krishnaveni P2014
Advertisement and Competition Jimut Bahan Chakrabarty2014
Oil prices’ effect on stock markets Jagtar Singh Dua2014
Risk management in Indian banking sector: challenges and opportunities in IndiaIshan Kamal2014
Prediction of stock market variables using machine learning techniquesChinmay Sinha2014
Importance of credit risk in business cycle of banks in IndiaBindhu B. L2014
Early warning systems Anshula Shukla2014
Cost Accounting Of Wind Energy In Tamil NaduVishal Kumar2013
Market Structure And Firm Performance: Study Of The Indian Electronics Manufacturing IndustrySuyash Pandey2013
An Empirical Study Of Producer Organisation Rohit Parasar2013
Financial Market And Its Growth (Post Liberalisation Era) Prity Sinha2013
Relationship Between Cooperate Governance And Foreign Investment Pooja Patwal2013
Corporate Governance, Stock Liquidity And Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis Meghna M Singh2013
A Neural Network Approach To Volatility Forecasting Mani Bhushan2013
Commonality In Liquidity: Highlighting India, China And JapanLipsa Mohanty2013
Analysis Of The Transition To Basel Iii For Banks Operating In IndiaKumar Pushkar2013
Asset Prices Predecting Through Time-Series ModelKarthi.P2013
A Comparative Study Of Ann And Multivariate Logistic Regression To Predict The Right Customers For Cross SellingHimanshu Kumar Shukla2013
Determinants Of Asset Creation: Study Of Select Villages In KeralaDidin Mathew2013
Predicting The Outcome Of Cricket Matches Played In Indian Premier LeagueDebasis Das2013
Does Mutual Fund Management In India Correspond To Its Investment Objective Classification?Bhupendu Sinha2013
Analysis Of Weather Derivatives: Prospect For IndiaArunava Chakraburtty2013
Examination Of The Relationship Between Capital Investment & Subsequent Stock ReturnAnoop Tiwari 2013
Stock Index Prediction Using Machine LearningThakur Raj Anand2012
Analyzing The Relationship Between Currency Futures And Spot Exchange Rates Volatility In India Tarique Hasan Khan2012
IAn Estimate Of Index Of Financial Inclusion In Indian States With An Overview Of Financial Inclusion In Tamilnadu Sharique Ahsan Khan2012
The Determinants Of Voter Turnout-An Emperical Study Saurabh Singh2012
Impact Of Judicial System On Economic Growth Nidhi Samnotra2012
An Econometric Study On Structural Breaks In Selective Macroeconomic Variables Neha Golcha2012
Growth Convergence Among Indian States A Mirage Or A Reality Neelima Muramalla2012
Interdependence Of World Stock Exchange Karan Anand2012
A Hedonic Model Of Player Wage Determination In The Indian Premier Legue Auction Harshwardhan2012
Efficiency Of Online Banking Deposits Across Domestic And Foreign Banks In India Dhananjay Jaiswal2012
Dynamics Of Gold Prices Crude Oil Prices And Stock Index Evidence From IndiaAkhil Dua2012
Capital Asset Pricing Model Or Arbitage Or Ice Theory Which Is A Better Model In The Indian Context Achint Kaur Batra2012

Environmental Economics

Prosopis juliflora invasion: The impact on the social - ecological systems in the rural green spaces of thiruvarur and nagapattinamYOGESHWAR K G2020
Fertilizer as anAdaptive strategy TO DROUGHT: an Analysis on Indian districtsJERIN C JOSE2020
Imapact of Liquidity and Working Capital Management On Profitability: EVIDENCE FROM INDIAN FMCG AND MANUFACTURING COMPANIES SIMRAN GUPTA2020
Determinants and Management of Plastic Waste in India: State-Level AnalysisARCHAK MAJUMDER2020
Assessing the impact of economic, demographic, climatic and trade factors on coastal ecological footprints: A cross-national analysis AMRA SHIRIN FAISAL2020
Year-wise descriptive analysis of Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) across states and its comparision to the recent Ayushman Bharat AKANKSHA PRAKASH2020
Analyzing the Presence of Economies of Scale in Household ConsumptionADITYA MAJUMDER2020
Decomposition and econometric analysis of aggregate emissionsSumedha Kamboj2016
Education sector in thiruvarur districtSubasri.V2016
Catalyst role of rail in empowering economy: Freight and passenger segment is on the fast Track?Shivani Gupta2016
An analysis of horticulture in thiruvarur district R.Sivaranjani2016
Effects of climate on economic production in india Piyush Mehta2016
Explaining cross-state disparities in maternal health in india Lakshmi Sreedhar2016
A critical review of multi-dimensional poverty: how really poor are our poor? Jayshree Dutta2016
Household energy choice and consumption intensity– empirical evidence of india transforming to heat island A case study of india Divya Jain2016
Gold consumption, asset holding and debt Holding pattern across households in india Devi R Nair2016
An alternative argument of green solow model in the context of developing countriesArjun Shatrunjay2016
Determinants of fuel share: An inverstigation of indian manufacturing Arzoo Mahajan2016
Impact of health on economic growth Apurva Kaushik2016
Analyzing flood resilience of a city: A socio ecological framework Anjali Pant2016
Instability and crop insurance: banana plantations in kerala Aiswarya Augus2016
Urban settlements and vehicular pollution: an assessment of health damage costs in indian context Aakansha Jain2016
E-waste in Chennai Thomas Alex2014
Trade and Environment Linkage between India and ASEAN countries Shivam Malhotra2014
Energy Efficiency in Buildings Priya Sara Behanan2014
How division of state affect environment, economic growth and development Parisha Budhiraja2014
Currency Crisis Pallavi Nahata2014
The role of education on climate change decision making in India Megha Nath2014
Renewable Energy Manav Pachnanda2014
Poverty, Nutrition and Environment Nexus: Assessment of Indian states Jagriti Kumari2014
Green accounting of metal extraction in India Abhijit Sharan2014
Financial Development And Co2 Emissions In India -A Time Series Analysis Sneha Mishra2013
Economic Valuation Of Mangrove Fishery Linkage In Pichavaram, Tamil Nadu Nagaarjun.N2013
Public Infrastrucuture And Agricultural Productivity Growth: An Evaluation Of Past 3 Decades Scenario In India Karthick.R2013
Formal And Informal Source Of Credit Market In Indian Agriculture Jenifer Josline E2013
A Game Theoritical Approach On International Environmental Agreements. Rollins John2012
Municipal Solid Waste To Energy Scope And Potential In India Mil Milind Kumar Sharma2012
Determinants Of Fuel Choice Among Indian Households An Empirical Investigation Md. Tajuddim Khan2012
Gendered Issues And Environmental Concerns The Case Of Gombrt Lipi Budhraja2012
Game Theoretical Approach To The Cauvery Conflict Jeeva Mary Jacob2012
Solid Waste Management- Recycling And Citizens’ Willingness To Pay Girish Purohit2012
Plastic Consumption In India Exploratory Analysis Eshita Mukherjee2012
Green Economics Growth In Indian Context Orissa Chandra Shekhar Kumar2012
Analyzing The Pathways To Improve Tiger Conservation In India Amanat K.Gill2012

Financial Economics

Can Equity Be Safe Haven For InvestmentJANANI SRI S G2020
Impact of IPL Match Victory on Sponsors’ Stock Returns SAMPRITA SEN2020
Determinants Of Winning Prospects Of Political Candidates: Evidence From OdishaMANALI SHARMA2020
Corruption, Economic Freedom And Inclusive Growth: The Case Of Emerging Market EconomiesGYANDEEP2020
A Study Of The Indicators Separating Bubble Run-Ups From Sell-Offs In The Indian Stock MarketANUSHUA BANERJEE2020
Impact of income, corruption, democracy on happiness and comparison of happiness in Islamic vs non Islamic countries and Christian vs non-Christian countriesAKHIL KUMAR2020
Dynamic stock market integration: india & major Developed and emerging economiesShietal Ramesh2016
Convergence of the listed price and issue price: the indian evidence Mini Gupta2016
Pro-cyclicality – indian banksDivyank Garg2016
Energy- water nexus in agriculture sector for tamilnadu(thiruvarur district)Sujithra.T2016
Is gold a hedge against inflation? A case study of india Sujata Yadav2016
Determinants of trade between india and the european union Sudeshna Dutta2016
Determinants of gold demand in india Sreelakshmi S D2016
Efficiency of indian banks after the introduction of internet banking: A dea-shannon approach Shyamji Savita2016
Measuring liquidity in indian financial Markets Shrishti Aggarwal2016
Effect of corporate governance on firms’ credit rating Shaurya khanduri2016
An analysis of life insurance industry in india Sanjeev Boruah2016
Financial development and convergence of Economic growth: a cross country study Priyanka Dublish2016
Arbitrage in the market for depositary receipts Pragya Ghosh2016
Financial system and technological catching up: is there a recipe for making export mare go for the indian manufacturing firms? Niharika Gupta2016
Life insurance in india – development and changes Maragatham M2016
A study of volatility spillovers between indian stock Market and foreign exchange markets of major Trading partners Khyati Baradi2016
Impact of investor sentiment on the cross section of stock returns in India Khushboo Rajendra Thakkar2016
Fii impact on indian stock market: Inter period and sectoral analysis Harshvardhan Bhalla2016
A study of currency market volatility in india and china during their pre and post derivative period Deepshikha2016
Competition a among stock exchanges:a case Study of bse and nse Basudev Bandopadhyay2016
Are commodities a better hedge against the risk in a stock Portfolio and in extreme environments? Aviral Maheshwari2016
Performance of banking sector in emerging african economies Arjun Raja2016
Impact of product market competition and Corporate governance on firm performance: Evidence from manufacturing firms in india Anisha Gulati2016
An analysis into corporate frauds- case studies from india Anish Roy2016
Impact of financial crises on the risk-return relation Anahita Das2016
Determinants of financial inclusion in india: a household level analysis Aastha Nargas2016
Monetary Transmission Mechanism Suraj Kumar2014
Political Instability hindering Economic Development Subhrajit Choudhury2014
Public Distribution System in IndiaSourish Chakraborty2014
Stock Price Volatility and Dividend Policy in the Indian Context Shayak Mukherjee2014
Transmission of Bubbles across Markets Sarbani Ghosh2014
Banking Sector:Size and EfficiencyRahul Kumar Som2014
Herd Behavior in Financial Markets: An Experiment with Financial Market Professionals Mohit Gupta2014
Efficiency of the Banking Sector in India Meghna Rajeev2014
FDI in Innovation Clusters Megha Grover2014
Market Reaction to Appointment of Female Directors Leeza Mathew2014
Sources of Output growth in Manufacturing Julie K2014
Corporate Governance and NPA in Banks Iti Vats2014
Risk and Economic Capital: A study of Indian Banks Irshikaa Mehrotra2014
Impact of Political Instability on Growth of Indian States Himadri Shekhar Chakrabarty2014
Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance Debarghya Roy2014
Price Transmission in Onion Market for India Debajyoti Das2014
Sustainability Index – A leading indicator to forecast Crisis Bns KumarBns Kumar2014
Convergence between corporate governance and CSR in the Indian scenario Ankita Dimri2014
NGO in Healthcare sector Anish Vikram2014
Impact of family firms on capital structure decisions Amitendra Singh2014
The structure of linkages and causal relationships between BRIC and developed equity markets Akshay Kapur2014
Cointegration of Business Group Strategies: A long run analysis Akash Banerjee2014
Diversification, Ricardian Rent and Tobin’s Q: An Empirical Study of Indian Industries Afreena Rehman2014
Predicting Financial Crisis using Early Warning System Aditya Arora2014
The Effect of a firms Financial Structure on Physical Capital Accumulation Aditi Bhattacharya2014
International FinancialReporting Standards Yamini.K2013
Voluntary carbon market and clean development mechanism Wasif Riza.P.P2013
Study of Yield Curve Spread as Predictor of Economic Slowdown Vasanth Kumar.J2013
Linkages between Forwards and NDF exchange rates in the Indian currency market Suprabha Pradhan2013
Determinants of Private Tuition and Impact of Private Tuition on the Performance of Primary Children in India Sreeya Brahma2013
Approximate entropy Somya Arora2013
A study about the cost and effect of mergers in India and its relationship with macroeconomic variables Shubham Gupta2013
Equity Premium Puzzle Shalini.S2013
Evaluating Core Inflation Measures for India: Rohitash Chaudhary2013
Impact of Insurance sector on development -A panel data analysis Rekha Ravindran2013
Can gold can be used as a hedging instruments? Reetika Choudhary2013
Carbon Trading – interfirm differences in characteristics deciding participation in CDM Prajak Kumar Das2013
The impact of political events on stock market : Evidence from srilanka. Parthiban.G2013
Measuring Efficiency of Indian commercial banks(1995-96 to 2011-12)” Pankaj Kumar2013
Impact of aid modalities on budgetary response” Nivedita2013
Fiscal intervention Low Carbon Trading – Case study for PAT Scheme & Green cess Nitish Kumar2013
Predictability of asset returns Nikhil Panicker2013
Value added tax Mona.C2013
Performance of Banking sectors in India Mohd. Amir2013
Relation between trading volumes & Returns Madhurima Chakraborty2013
Feldstein-Horioka puzzle – International Capital Mobility and the Saving-Investment Correlation Kunal Kohli2013
Regional growth convergancy of Indian states public finance – An emperical trudy Kannan.K2013
Forest accounting in Tamil Nadu” for the years 2003-05 to 2005-07 Gunjeet Singh2013
Index of financial inclusion:A Latent variable Approach” Disha Kumar2013
Returns to education for a regular salaried workers in Urban areaDatla Gopala Krishnam Raju2013
Stock Index forecast using component forecasts by ARIMA-GARCH Chiranjit Koley2013
A Study of the Price Discovery Function of Crude Oil and Brent Crude Oil Futures market in India Avishek Mistry2013
Understanding the Relevance of Happiness Index Arun.B. Chandran2013
Herding and Feedback Trading among FIIs in Indian Equity Market Anuj Garg2013
Stock market liberalization: Impact on Stock Returns Ankush Whig2013
Relationship between Interest Rate and Stock Price Ajay Vikram Singh2013
Impact Of Stock Split Announcement On Liquidity Evidence From India Yamuna.M2012
Performance Of Mutual Funds In India Vinitha Anandi. R2012
Testing Free Cash Flow Hypothesis For Indian Firms Trinity Kashyap2012
Crime And Development An Empirical Exercise Of 15 Major States 1993-2010 Sugandh Kumar Choudhary2012
Stress Test Of Banks In India- A Var Approach Subhashini. V.2012
Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy To Control Inflation In India Rajesh. R.2012
Long Run Performance Of Initial Public Offerings In India Prem Kumar. N.2012
A Comparitive Analysis Volatility Between Cnx Nifty And A Few Of Its International Counterparts. Prasad. U.2012
Micro-Insurance – A Qualitative Study Prarthna. P2012
Empirical Estimation Of Fisher’s Open Condition For Some Developed And Emerging Countries Nirvan Solomon Siga2012
Study Of Crop Insurance In Vellore And Thiruvanamalai District Nandhini. M.2012
Impact Of Microfinance Monalisa Behera2012
Co-Determination Of Capital Structure And Stock Returns Manish Moray2012
Institutional Aspects In Realizing Right To Education Act Lokesh Kumar 2012
Divid And Future Earnings Growth An Empirical Study Lionel John Pinto2012
An Analysis Of Non Performing Assets A Study Of Indian Bank Before And After Crisis Keerthana. S.2012
An Analysis Of Seasonality Patterns And Day-Of-The-Week Effect In Indian Stock Market: Karthick Raja. D.2012
Underwriting In Ipo’s Syndicate Vs Individual Underwriting Kamalnath. R.2012
A Study Of The Pricing Mechanism Of Petrol And Diesel In Two Regulatory Regimes In India John Andrews. N.A.2012
Determinants Of Happiness Biswajit Pani2012
Firm Performance, Product Market Competition And Corporate Governance An Empirical Analysis Annubha Parmar2012
Post Merger Performance Of Acquiring Banks In India Anand Bharathy. V.2012
Assessing Impact Of Participatory Management On Forest Resources: Case Study Of A Few States In India Aravinthan. R2012
Political Budget Cycles In India Ammu George2012
Government Size and Economic Growth – A Study of Selected States in India Kamla Kant Tiwari2011
Microfinance “mission drift”- trade-off between outreach and profitability in india Kamini Ravindran2011
Estimation of hospital cost fiunctions: A case study of public hospitals in bangalore Achala. S.Yareseeme2011
Dividend Smoothing And Determinants Of Dividend Payments: Evidence From An Emerging Economy, India Vishnu Priya R2011
Price Discovery In The Indian Currency Futures Market Vanathi Parthasarathi2011
Threshold level of Inflation in India: An empirical analysis Swetha Ravi2011
An Index Of Financial Development: Construction And Its Impact On Growth Sonika Shukla2011
nterstate Variation In Alcohol Policies In India And Its Impact: An Empirical Estimation Sneha Kumar2011
Reservation Policy as an Incentive towards voting Shankha Subhra Patsa 2011
Industrial clusters in india: it hardware industry Sarana Priya. A2011
Valuation of Interest Rate Futures – A Case Study in India Rupa R.2011
Trading Behaviour And Factors Influencing Foreign Institutional Investors In The Indian Equity Market Puja Saraff2011
Monetary Policy Transmission In India: A Structural Var Approach Prabakar R2011
Initial Public Offerings Underpricing And A Study On The Short Run Price Performance Of Bookbuilt Ipos In India Manjusha Nair2011
Announcement Effect of Private Placement effect in India Lakshmi E2011
Day-of-the-week effect in the Indian Stock Market Jyothi Kamakshi. N 2011
Price Discovery And Volatility Issues In Crude Oil Futures In India Gadhadharan N.S2011
Debt Market in India – A Regulatory Perspective Dinesh M.D2011
Estimation Of Zero Coupon Yield Curve In India Dhuruv Mehrotra2011
Eva – Mva Relationship In India Companies Alagiriswamy J2011
Value –At-Risk: Implementation In Indian Market Aishwarya. S2011
Influence Of Demand And Supply Side Factors On Inflation In India: A Perspective M.Divya2011
Equirty Market Convergence Among the Bric Countries S.Vaishnavi2010
Indian Cricket Performance and Stock mrket sentiments Shreyas Ravindran2010
Cost of Adaptation of Climate Change- Critical Review and Estimates for India Mongeenee Seeneevassen2010
Stock Market Volatility And its Covariates in the Indian Stock Market Mainak Sen2010
A Comparison of MNEs and Domestic firms in the Indian Elelectrical Equipments industry Hallel Ben. V2010
Operational Efficiency of Banks in India S. Barath Singh2010
Determinants of Child Labour: Evidence From Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh Arpita Chakravorty2010
Efficiency of Manufacturing Industry after Financial Liberalization Amit Kumar2010
A Study on Basel Accord for Capital Adequacy and Its Effect on the Indian Banking System Anitha Sukumar2008
Urban Infrastructure Financing an Innovatative Apporach Balajee.K.M2008
Exploring Link between Regulated and Voluntary Carbon Markets Bidhan Roy2008
Corporate Governance Practices and Financial Distress: Evidence from India Harikrishnan D2008
International Capital Flows a Modified Gravity Equation Approach Debdutta Sen2008
Developments in International Currency Derivatives Markets: Implications for India Deivanai A2008
Interest Rate Competition among Housing Loan Lending Institutions in India Pinaki Samant Singhar2008
Real Estate Bubbles In USA An Indicator Model R Janani Akhilandeswari2008
Liberalisation and the Top 100 Firms in India Rasika R2008
Asset Holding Pattern and Indebtedness amongst Urban Population in India Satish.M2008
Output Performance of Indian States: A Stochastic Frontier Approach S. Selvakumar2008
Delivering Microfinance in India – An Overview Shankarram. S2008
Procyclicality of Banks – The Indian Experience V Vijay Krishna2008
Stock Market Contagion: A Study of 10 Countries From Standpoint Of India Vinod Kumar2008
Government and Economic Growth in India : Impact of Size and Composition of Expenditure Achyut Dutta2008
Climate Change Burden Sharing: A Reappraisal of the Equity Debate Anubhab Pattanayak2008
Assessment of Impact of Water Pollution on Human Health In The City Of Chennai , TamilNadu Chandrasekar D2008
Fiscal Deficit and Sustainable Growth in India Meenakshi Veeramani2008
Feasibility of an Optimum Currency Area in Asean Region Mythraeyi.V2008
International Worker Remittances to Developing Economies: An Analysis of Macroeconomic Impacts Nivedita Gopinath2008
Foreign Direct Investment and Human Welfare Evidences from Cross Section of Countries Pratim Kar Choudhury2008
Analyzing the Trade-Off between Outreach and Financial Performance For Indian MFIS Subham Kailthya2008
Investment and Output in Agriculture and Allied Activities In India – A Macro Study Vidhya S2008
FDI and Exchange Rate Interlinkages Rahul Singh2008
Does Herding Behavior Exist In Indian Stock Market? Siddharth Das Mahapatra2008

General Economics

A constant gain learning framework to understand the Behavior of US Inflation and Unemployment in the 2nd half of 20th centuryVENKATA RAAMASRINIVAS M2020
Collusion under Product DifferentiationURVASHI TANDON2020
Venture Capital Investment Decision Making using Machine Learning ModelsSHUCHITA JAIN2020
The Financial Performance Implications of Adopting Technologies by Banks: A K-Means Clustering and Markov Chain ApproachSHREYA BHANDARI2020
Analysis Of Inter-State Imbalances In Social Sector Expenditure With Growth Experiences In Major SectorsSHIVANGI YADV2020
Can A Geographical Indication (Gi) Tag Increase Exports? : A Study On Indian Basmati RiceRASHMIKA SHARMA2020
Technology Licensing in Vertically Related MarketsPOOJA2020
Association Between Conflicts And Socio-Economic Indicators In North East India NABEEL ASHARAF2020
School Dropouts And State Capacity: An Evidence From Indian StatesMANSI MISHRA2020
Milk Consumption Pattern And Child’s Height-For-Age Z-Score In IndiaDIVYA PUROHIT2020
Academic Lie Telling: Impact Of Age, Peer And IncentivesDEEPALI RASTOGI2020
Variations In The Quality Of 8th Grade Students Across The Districts Of Bihar And KeralaANANYA ISHANI2020
The Unnatural rate of Unemployment: Reflections on the Barro-Gordon and Natural Rate paradigms ABHIRUCHI RATHI2020
Impact evaluation of jan dhan yojana on financial inclusion Vivek Kumar Singh2016
Critical review of indian solar industry Current status and future prospects Shubham A Agrawal2016
Suicide rates in kerala: dominant reasons and economic implications Vikas Kumar Shah2016
Disasters are natural or anthropogenic in origin ? – examining the status of occurrence in uttarakhand and tamilnadu Shiwani Chaddha2016
Empirical analysis of price transmission in agricultural commoditiesYamini Yadav2016
Monetary rate regimes and macroeconomic stability and Performance: a case study of usa (1959-2009) Varshini V.J.2016
Do fluctuations in gold price reflect bubbles? Utsav Mehrotra2016
Economic impact of coronary heart disease Saurabh Rajput2016
Topsy-turvy world of jobs for the highly educated: a Discipline tracker Saumya Shaklya2016
Interest rate risk management – the case Of indian banks Sakshi Rai2016
Transformation towards Environmental and Economic Efficiency Sahil Talwar2016
Extent of exchange rate pass-through in india Rupali Malhotra2016
Consumption patterns and poverty: An analysis of indian households Ravi Singh2016
United Kingdom’s Experience with Inflation: Does Time Inconsistency explains it all? Prashant Poddar2016
Socioeconomic determinants of childen’s Learning achievement levels Prashant Dedha2016
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PG Diploma in Actuarial Economics

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