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Author: Parthajit Kayal

Dr. Parthajit Kayal

Dr. Parthajit Kayal

Assistant Professor & Placement- Faculty Advisor of MA Program

Tel : (91) 044 - 22300304

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Ø  Ph.D. in Finance, Institute for Financial Management & Research (Presently- IFMR Graduate School of Business, Krea University)

Ø  M. Sc. in Economics, Madras School of Economics

Ø  B.Sc. (Hons) in Economics, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, University of Calcutta

Curriculum Vitae


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Book Chapters:

1. Saraf, M. and Kayal, P., 2022. Role of Digital Financial Inclusion in Promoting Economic Growth and FreedomIn Digitalization and the Future of Financial Services. Springer, Cham, 163-180.

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Book Reviews:

1. Kayal, P., 2021. Book Review: Applied Financial Econometrics: Theory, Methods and ApplicationPolicy Circle, 29 September.


Working Papers:

1. Subramanian, A. and Kayal, P., 2023. Application of Volatility-Managed Portfolios in the Context of a Volatility IndexMSE Working Paper 242/2023.

2. Thillaikkoothan, P. and Kayal, P., 2022. Multiple Dimensions of Cyclicality in InvestingMSE Working Paper 216/2022.

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7. Chebolu-Subramanian, V., Kayal, P., Mathur, P., and Khan, T., 2019. Product Recalls in India and the Impact on Stock PricesIFMR GSB Working Paper WP19-03.


News Paper Articles:

1. Kayal, P. and Maiti, M., 2023.  A contrarian investor has to be courageous. Financial Express, 16 September.

2. Kayal, P. and Maiti, M., 2023.  Mindful investing helps ride out market fluctuations. Financial Express, 28 June.

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Other Articles:

1. Jena, D. and Kayal, P., 2020. Rethinking Technology and Jobs in the times of Covid-19CASPR Economic Review, 30 August

2. Kayal, P., 2020. Reviving the economy requires a balanced policy approachTrade Promotion Council of India, 18 June.

3. Kayal, P., 2020. India must start mass testing for Covid-19 with greater speedTrade Promotion Council of India, 27 March.


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