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  National Conference on “Public Finance Isues”
Centre for Public Finance(MSE)
 20 Jan- 21 Jan, 2023
  Roundtable on Fiscal Federalism in India: Contemporary Perspectives
  MSE Silver Jubilee conference on Technology and Development
  Madras School of Economics In Partnership with Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing
  National Conference on water security in Tamilnadu
  Madras School of Economics (In partnership with IIT-Madras, NABARD and TWIC)
  Accelerating Growth in Tamil Nadu: Need for a Paradigm Shift” during The Delhi Economic Summit 2012
  Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance
  The Science and Economics of the Environment Issues;The Twain Shall Meet
  Madras School of Economics
  Frontier Issues in Technology, Development and Environment
  Indian Association of Social Science Institutions
  38th Annual Conference of the Indian Econometric Society
  Madras School of Economics
  International Conference on “Second Generation Reforms
  Australian National University