Completed Projects

From the beginning it was decided that teaching and research should go hand in hand. Besides, very soon after the School started functioning, requests started coming for undertaking research for different agencies as well as collaborative research with other academic institutions. At the same time, the faculty were encouraged to publish their own research findings in well-known journals. Thus, research has become an important part of the academic work of MSE.

Following are list of projects completed by MSE
Sri Lanka: Provincial Council Expenditures: Assignment and Assessment
NIPFP 2008
Natural Resource Accounting of Land and Water Resources for Tamil Nadu
Central Statistical Organization 2008
Economic Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in India: Costs of Delays, Impacts and Mitigation Measures
Ministry of Environment Forests under Centre of Excellence 2008
Construction of Customer Value Index
GE Money (uner GE-MSE Decision Sciences and Financial Research Lab 2008
Greening Incentives for Electricity
India-Canada Environment Facility (ICEF), a joint initiative of the Government of India and Government of Canada 2008
‘Climate Change Impacts on Indian Agriculture: Role of Information Diffusion, Technological Development and Multiple Stressors’
South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics (SANDEE) 2008
Urban Poverty Reduction Strategy for Chennai
National Institute of Urban Affairs / UNDP 2008
Economics of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Chennai
Central Pollution Control Board, Government of India 2008
Feasibility of Embodying Incentive Based Environmental Regulatory Instruments in State and Central Taxation Regimes (including VAT)
Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India 2009
Environmental Sustainability and Human Development in Tamil Nadu
State Planning Commission, Government of Tamil Nadu 2009