Completed Projects

From the beginning it was decided that teaching and research should go hand in hand. Besides, very soon after the School started functioning, requests started coming for undertaking research for different agencies as well as collaborative research with other academic institutions. At the same time, the faculty were encouraged to publish their own research findings in well-known journals. Thus, research has become an important part of the academic work of MSE.

Following are list of projects completed by MSE
Small Area Estimation Project in collaboration with India Development Foundation, Gurgaon
UN World Food Programme 2005
Water Resources, Livelihood Security and Stakeholder Initiatives in Bhavani River Basin
nternational Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka 2005
Second Human Development Report – chapter on “Job Led Growth – Panacea for State” for the Second Human Development Report
State Planning Commission 2006
Interrelationship between Trade Measures in Multilateral Environmental Agreements and WTO Regimes
Ministry of Commerce and Industry and Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India 2006
Relevance of Wholesale Price Index as a Measure of Inflation
PHAL, New Delhi 2008
Subsidies in India from a Gender Perspective
UNDP 2008
Taxation in India from a Gender Perspective
UNDP 2008
Assam Governance and Public Resource Management Progamme Public Finance and Budget Reforms in Assam
Price Waterhouse Coopers (P) Ltd. 2008
“Strengthening Fiscal Decentralization in Sri Lanka” sponsored by the Asian Development Bank
Asian Development Bank 2008
Tamil Nadu: MDGs-based Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS)
UNDP through IGIDR, Mumbai 2008