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Student Life at MSE

Well, to start with, the campus is strikingly beautiful, with aesthetic buildings and well-maintained gardens. Although cut off from the noise and pollution of the main road, a short walk will reach you to the main road from where most of the city is easily accessible.The hostels are on campus, and the main college buildings are most conveniently located just a short walk away.

The campus is also attached to the Anna University campus, so going to Anna University for paperwork, to swim, to play Tennis or simply to eat at their brilliant canteen is no trouble at all. Since the campus and adjoining land is lush green, there is no dearth of fascinating birds on campus, often, we are visited by deer from the nearby areas. And of course, we have our pet dogs on campus, the favorites being Stata and E-views. Jr. names after statistical software.

Most students stay on campus, and one of MSE’s best features is the closely-knit and integrated residential community. Birthdays (with the inevitable pretending to be surprised that the whole hostel is there to wish you at midnight), and festivals such as Diwali and Holi are celebrated with much gusto.

The students at MSE come from various backgrounds, both cultural and educational. Where else will you find an engineer from Calcutta, a Delhi University Economics student and a Physics student from Madurai poring over Time Series!
Even while grappling with rigorous course work and what seems like never ending tests and assignments, students at MSE do manage to squeeze in fun activities as well. Even when working on problem sets, term papers or swotting for exams, we’re playing hard too.

Eating out appears to be another passion amongst MSEites (no no, we’re not saying the mess is bad!) and we ensure we get out once in a while and visit the beach if not anything else. Chennai also has a marvelous cultural life, and if you love concerts, food and movies, it definitely is the place to be.

‘Arthiki’ our annual Economics fest is yet another reason to launch into excited meetings and discussions, in 2007, Arthiki was held on the 7th of March, with many events like Quiz, Essay Writing, Crossword, Crisis Management etc.