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Government of Tamil Nadu supported MSE to establish the Centre for Public Finance(CPF). It started functioning from April 01, 2021. The main objective of this Centre is to undertake both theoretical and applied research relating to fiscal management at Union, State and Local levels. The Centre will also act as a policy think-tank for the Government and provide the forecast of the fiscal and economic parameters of the State of Tamil Nadu on regular basis and offer summer course and annual conference on topics relating to public finance and policy.


MSE aims to develop macroeconomic models for forecasting and policy analysis

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Research in Environmental Economics @ MSE

Since inception, MSE has specialized in Environmental Economics. In addition to the academic research, the MSE has been conducting policy oriented research works with support from several Ministries of State and Central Governments.
During the late 1990s and early 2000s, MSE executed The World Bank Aided: Environmental Management Capacity Building Technical Assistance Project implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEF&CC). Following the successful completion of this project, the MoEF&CC has designated MSE as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Environmental Economics under its CoE Scheme in 2002. The Centre’s activities have been supported by the Ministry over three successive five-year plan periods during 2002 to 2017. Over these years the Centre has provided policy inputs to the Ministry on a range of issues, carried out projects, and contributed to the capacity building activities for the practitioners as well as academicians in the field of environmental economics. Over these years, the Centre received funding support from the Ministry in project mode. MSE contributed towards designing of fiscal instruments for environmental management in India and in particular was instrumental in designing the coal-cess introduced by Government of India in 2010-11. MSE has also contributed extensively to research and policy on issues related to climate change and biodiversity. A brief summary of the Centre’s activities over the past few years is provided here.

MSE faculty has also been actively involved in the research and outreach activities related to ecosystem services, water management, global climate change etc. In particular, MSE has so far successfully completed academic projects funded by organizations such as British High Commission, the World Bank, UNDP, World Resources Institute, Global Development Network, GIZ, South Asian Network for Development and Environmental Economics, Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research, International Science Council of Asia and the Pacific Region, Department of Science and Technology, etc. MSE Faculty have served (and currently serving) as members of important committees at both Central and State governments, viz., Technical Advisory Committee for India’s 3rd National Communiction and Biennial Update Reports to the UNFCCC; Expert Committee on Climate Change, MoEF&CC; State Environmental Appraizal Committee, GoTN; Scientific and Technical Advisory Group for the Compilation of Environmental Accounts for India, MoSPI; Committee on National Coastal Marine Spatial Planning Framework, MoEF&CC; Expert Committee on Access and Benefit Sharing, Biodiversity Authority of India, MoEF&CC.


The mission of the Finance Department at MSE is to deliver best-in-class finance education and research that contribute to the financial developments in India through policy recommendations. The Department offers a full range of teaching programs from the master to the Ph.D. and planning to embark on an undergraduate program soon. The Department launched its first Master program in Financial Economics in 2006-07 and soon expanded to offer two additional specializations in Master in Quantitative Finance and Master Actuarial Economics in July 2010. All these programs have since become the most sought-after specialized degree in India with an impeccable record of placement.

Our finance faculty members, which include full-time regular members, as well as visiting members, are actively involved in quality research in various fields of Finance and render high-quality teaching. The department also attracts renowned national and international scholars and experienced industry practitioners to enhance our research and teaching activities. The Department has had remarkable achievements in sponsored research since its inception – it has housed and successfully ran (2006 to 2012) the coveted GE Money Decision Science Lab and produced significant proprietary research. Further, it has undertaken numerous research projects sponsored by various national and international agencies such as RBI, ICSSR, and various corporate bodies. Faculties also have close relations with industry and various corporate organizations such as Ford Motors, CIGNA, GMR, EY, Deloitte, PWC and are constantly involved in the Financial development of India.


MSE B-School is a leading Business School in the country. The world today is rapidly evolving, hence the landscape of business and management has changed drastically in the last decade. To thrive in such an environment, we at the MSE B-School strongly believe in innovation and creativity. This is reflected in the interdisciplinary nature of management courses and research being carried out in the B-School. We have come a long way from traditional management by incorporating cutting edge courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics into our curriculum.

MSE B-School offers two full time 2 years AICTE approved PGDM programs in Finance and Research & Business Analytics. We also engage in several research projects in Economics, Finance and Analytics collaborating with colleagues in Research labs and foreign universities.

As we move forward as a premier B-School we will continue to be open and receptive to the changing needs of the business world and society.