MSE Working Papers

WP-49 - MNES And Export Spillovers : An Analysis Of Indian Manufacturing Industries
- by Chiara Franco and Subash Sasidharan
WP-48 - Revenue-Expenditure Nexus for Southern States: Some Policy Oriented Econometric Observations
- by Kausik Chaudhuri and Bodhisattva Sengupta
WP-47 - Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Development in Indian Fiscal Federalism
- by U.Sankar
WP-46 - Causality between Foreign Direct Investment and Tourism: Empirical Evidence from India
- by Saroja Selvanathan, E.A. Selvanathan and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-45 - Data Requirements And Statistical Challenges For Designing Climate Friendly Energy Policies In Multilateral Framework
- by U.Sankar
WP-44 - Finance Commission And The Southern States: Overview Of Issues
- by D.K.Srivastava
WP-43 - Climate Sensitivity Of Indian Agriculture
- by K.S. Kavi Kumar
WP-42 - Inter-State Imbalances In Essential Services: Some Perspectives
- by C. Bhujanga Rao and D.K. Srivastava
WP-41 - Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Tall and not so Tall Women of India
- by Brinda Viswanathan and Viney Sharma
WP-40 - Determining General And Specific Purpose Transfers: An Integrated Approach
- by Richa Saraf and D.K. Srivastava