MSE Working Papers

WP-70 - Efficiency of Raising Health Outcomes in the Indian States
- by Prachitha J. and K. R. Shanmugam
WP-68 - Basel l and Basel ll Compliance: Issues for Banks in India
- by Sreejata Banerjee
WP-67 - Corporate Governance and Product Market Competition
- by Ekta Selarka
WP-66 - Poverty, Human Development and Health Financing in India
- by Brijesh C.Purohit
WP-65 - Learning and Capability Acquisition:A Case Study of the Indian Automobile Industry
- by Madhuri Saripalle
WP-64 - Arsenic Contamination in Water: A Conceptual Framework of Policy Options
- by Zareena Begum
WP-63 - Determinants of Child Morbidity and Factors Governing Utilisation of Child Health Care: Evidence from Rural India
- by Anindita Chakrabarti
WP-62 - Patterns of Labour Market Insecurity in Rural India: A Multidimensional and Multivariate Analysis
- by Padmini Desikachar and Brinda Viswanathan
WP-61 - Evidence on Changes in Time Varying Volatility around Bonus and Rights Issue Announcements
- by Dr. Madhuri Malhotra and Dr. M. Thenmozhi and Dr. Arun Kumar Gopalaswamy
WP-60 - Discount Rate for Health Benefits and the Value of Life in India
- by K R.Shanmugam