MSE Monograph

Mo-31 - Technology and Economy for National Development: Technology Leads to Nonlinear Growth
- by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India
Mo-30 - Counting the Poor: Measurement and Other Issues
- by C.Rangarajan and S. Mahendra Dev
Mo-29 - Prevalence of Undernutrition and Evidence on Interventions: Challenges for India
- by Brinda Viswanathan
Mo-28 - Fiscal Instruments For Climate Friendly Industrial Development In Tamil Nadu
- by D.K. Srivastava, K.R. Shanmugam, K.S. Kavi Kumar, Madhuri Saripalle
Mo-27 - Appraisal Of Priority Sector Lending By Commercial Banks In India
- by C Bhujanga Rao
Mo-26 - Medical Tourism in India: Progress, Opportunities and Challenges
- by K.R.Shanmugam
Mo-25 - Enumeration of craft persons in india
- by Brinda Viswanathan
Mo-24 - Estimation and Forecast of wood demand and supply in tamilnadu.
- by K.S.Kavi Kumar, Brinda Viswanathan , Zareena Bagum.I
Mo-23 - Green Economy – Indian Perspective.
- by K.S.Kavi Kumar, Ramprasad Sengupta, Maria Saleth, K.R.Ashok and R.Blalsubramanian with inputs from Brinda Viswanathan and Sukanya Das
Mo-22 - A Macro-Fiscal Modeling Framework for Forecasting and Policy Simulations
- by D.K.Srivastava,K.R.Shanmugam and C. Bhujanga Rao