Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu

Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahu

Assistant Professor

Tel : (91) 044 - 22300304 - 220

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2013: Ph. D. (Economics of Energy Use in Indian Industries), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

2007: M. Phil. (Cost Benefit Analysis of Watershed Management Programme: A Study of Select Watersheds in Orissa and Rajasthan), Berhampur University, Berhampur, Odisha, India

Research Interests:

  • Applied Economics
  • Economics of Energy Use and Climate Change
  • Industrial Economics
  • Development Economics

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Select Publications:
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Working Papers: Madras School of Economics, Chennai
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  2. (2016), “Determinants of Outsourcing in the Automobile Sector in India”, Working Paper 151 [with I. Roy]
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  • Industrtial Economics and Industrial Organisation
  • Multinational Enterprises and Economic Policies
  • Econometrics Methods
  • Energy Economics
  • Economics of Global Climate Change
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Regional Economics
  1. Foreign Direct Investments and Business Cycle Co-movement: Evidence from Asian Countries
  2. An Alternative Argument of Green Solow Model in Indian Context
  3. Policy Determinants of Household Economic Development